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  1. Go to the bank counter
    . Foreign currency refers to currency other than "local currency". Compared with its own currency, it is a functional currency. It is specifically manifested in accounting as "bookkeeping base currency". The foreign currency trading market is the world's largest international trade market. This market is also an institution that determines the exchange rate between various currencies. The most important trade points are New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, etc. The most important foreign currencies are US dollars, euro, yen, British pound and Swiss franc.

    3. Acting refers to the behavior of buying foreign exchange and selling foreign exchange for corporations or individuals. Import and export professional companies, according to the needs of imported business, use their own currencies to purchase foreign currencies from foreign exchange prices announced by the country according to the country's announcement of foreign exchange cards. In foreign trade, it is called foreign exchange settlement.
    The foreign currency formalities of Bank of China:
    The person per person in the country is worth $ 50,000 per year. For banknotes, if the cumulative value of $ 10,000 (inclusive) on the day, it can be directly handled at the Bank of China (withdrawn foreign currency cash, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance), and the specific regulations shall be subject to the Bank of China in your region.
    . Specific processing procedures:
    1. You can handle business with valid ID. Depending on the nature of business, the amount and other conditions, it is necessary to provide other proof materials other than the valid identity document if necessary.
    2, Bank of China handle foreign exchange and selling business at a real -time card price.
    3. You can go to the Bank of China with account or cash to handle foreign exchange and selling business.
    4. If you need to withdraw foreign currency cash, there are differences in the reserves of foreign currency cash reserves from the Bank of China. It is recommended that you contact the Bank of China outlets to make an appointment in advance to prepare sufficient foreign currency for you.

  2. Just go directly to the corresponding point to do exchange. The corresponding banks can be replaced. Some foreign currencies need to be reserved. Volkswagen, the US dollar, euro, Japan and South Korea, etc. These can be directly exchanged. There are also exchanges with the barrier. It is recommended to redeem the local area. In this way, the exchange rate will be higher, and the airport and the passage will be less. After all, rice wine will make this money specifically.

  3. Money abroad can only be replaced by RMB, and you can only go to the Bank of China to handle such businesses! Other banks do not have such businesses!

  4. You can exchange coins from various countries to Bank of China, and foreign currencies can also go to the Bank of China in exchange for RMB.

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