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  1. When the child was just 3 years old, the child was very interested in English. At that time, I was considering intended to give her an English class, so when I chose a training institution online at the time, I also knew some of the ape tutoring agency.

    This first talk about the English course I finally report to the child. It is a one -to -one course of online English. One -on -one foreign teacher course 52 public courses full set of 28 exquisite textbooks

    ape tutoring is currently a relatively high -ranking online tutoring agency in China. Those courses in high, such as Chinese, mathematics, English, physics and other courses. The method of online live education is selected. Children across the country can conduct counseling before ape tutoring.

    In I know that the teachers who know the English tutoring English are mostly high -quality universities in China, because they have been touched in the examination education, so these teachers know the teacher's policy, test propositions, and test propositions. The laws and the difficulties of the test site.

    The teaching mode of ape tutoring, there are one-to-one courses, and a pair of large class courses. However, I look at the official website of the ape tutoring. I think that the best education method for children to choose one -to -one education is very good, because a large number of large class systems are a bit large. In addition, this kind of online training institution has a screen separated by a screen. The number of people is more. Teachers do not know what the child is doing, and the education role cannot be guaranteed.

    In terms of expenses, Ape tutoring English is charged according to the curriculum. Different grades and courses have different learning costs. The cost of each lesson is between 150-200, so the cost is relatively high. The price of this price still does not seem to be very cost -effective. Although Ape tutoring English can be paid in installments, it is only after the payment of payment, and the pressure should still exist.

    In online English training, there are many professional foreign teachers one -on -one courses, which are specially conducted in English training, which is more targeted, so at the time I chose to do one -on -one English for online foreign teachers. Course institutions, this institution is Acasso online children's English course, the price is not expensive, the average class is about 15 yuan. Foreign teachers are also responsible for class. They often use some small toys to attract children. I am also very interested. Some simple common words will be spoken.

    If parents want to choose English courses for their children, you can try one -on -one online courses for foreign teachers, and choose a free audition course for Akasasso. Receive audition for free: (Trial class receipt link in the first paragraph)

  2. ● Ape question bank
    1. Make fast rhythm
    2. With draft function
    3. Can manually eliminate options
    5. There are college entrance examination simulation examinations, original topics, teachers change volumes
    6. The topic bug is less than similar software
    1. Facilitated as similar software
    3. The wrong questions are not divided into subjects, and it is difficult to sort out the wrong questions
    4. Some pictures are not enlarged, the words in the picture cannot be seen
    5. The difficulty of college entrance examination simulation test is difficult For the difficulty of the country in the country, candidates in the provinces and cities of the two volumes, three volumes, and independent propositions in the country are not applicable
    6. n
    ● Little ape search questions
    1. The interface is simple
    2. Little Ape Daily often sends some useful dry goods
    3. . Some questions include video explanations
    1. Little Ape Daily is not all dry goods, occupying students' learning time
    2. Daily pictures cannot be saved
    3. There are those who chase the stars, there are hair segments, waste time, affect the viewing experience
    4. The question found cannot be added with the wrong question book

    ● Ape tutoring
    1. The preliminary course is cheap
    2. Report the system class to send the exercise book, various notebooks, and postcards, and send the electronic version of the electronic version of the class
    3. Most teachers are high level, good
    4. Interactive, you can ask at any time
    5. There are small tests in the system class, the mid -term exam, and the final exam
    6. The special breakthrough class is useful

    2. Curriculum bundle sales serious
    3. Practice book print errors.

  3. I have also reported many online courses before, but rarely persist. Ape tutoring is really the most reliable online course I have reported. I was attracted during the first audition. The style of the teacher's lecture was what I like. In a happy atmosphere, you can easily grasp the knowledge points.

  4. Hello, the ape tutoring is all directed by the teacher, so the course is very good, the teacher is also good, and it is easy to understand.

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