2 thoughts on “How does forum or gaming coins affect?”

  1. It is the scores you posted in that forum, replying, and uploading shared resources and information. Most of the forums have to deduct the forum currency when downloading things or downloading shared resources. Essence Essence Essence

    has not heard of forum currency and can be exchanged for RMB. Essence Unless the website forums that are being traced now are HS Forum. Essence Essence Essence

    The ratio of game coins to RMB is unstable, especially those with unions with small number of unions. Sometimes they monopolize game currency. Essence
    The game currency in the game with many games is also unstable. Most of the time, the ratio of the game coins and RMB of those who practice the game coins and RMB are mostly. Essence

    but one thing is the equipment bought by the game currency, and then use the corresponding game currency to buy it into RMB. The result is different, must, RMB real points. Essence Essence Essence

  2. There are more things, naturally it is cheap .. Or most people have no shortage of it, and naturally it is cheap .. If you want it to appreciate it, you will accept most people and will rise if you do n’t let it go out? It is easier to reduce .. Holding the 100 yuan bought in your own hand sold for 2 days, it is worthless--

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