3 thoughts on “NBA star luxury house exposure theory of speculators Yao Ming is not aimed at who”

  1. The Spurs inside Aldridge just bought a villa at New Potter Beach in Los Angeles, 632 square meters, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a total of $ 7 million, about 47 million yuan.
    But in the NBA, which has a contract with a contract of $ 10 million, the suite of Aldridge is nothing -according to the survey of "", among the active players in 2016, the villa of 7 million US dollars is just exactly just happening In the tenth place, the top ten was squeezed out of Paul Pierce. He also bought a house in Los Angeles with a total price of 6.5 million US dollars.
    The first ranking of the unit price of the house is Kris Posh, who is now likely to retire. In 2010, he had just cost $ 12.3 million and purchased a set of Miami sea villas. Because of the tourist destination, Miami's house prices remain high, and there are few new houses. Generally, they buy second -hand houses. As an electronics enthusiast, Bosh's house has carried out a comprehensive transformation, $ 12.3 million, which is considered a penny.

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