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  1. The abbreviation of currency is generally 3 English letters, CN is talking about CNY. CNY is the currency mark of the international maritime organization. The name of the Chinese alphabet is RMB. RMB is referred to as the first letters of Chinese character Pinyin, but its standard currency mark is CNY. The above is what currency -related content is CN.
    Cur currency code introduction
    In international foreign exchange transactions, whether it is futures transactions or guarantee funds, the currency mark of a certain country is generally used to indicate the transaction amount. As everyone knows, because different countries use different currency names and currency marking naming specifications, there are many inconveniences in foreign exchange transactions. Therefore, the United Nations Trade and Development Conference and the European Economic Commission selected the national standard ISO-4217 three logo currency codes as the world's general currency coding.
    The standards for the 4217 currency coding of the International Standardized Organization, each currency is marked with the only national standard organization code marked with the only three letters. The first two of them represent the country or region of the currency, and the third represents currency companies. Take CNY as an example. China coded in China applied for registration in the United Nations is China, so China represents the country or region where RMB, and Y is a monetary unit. This article mainly writes what CN is the knowledge point of currency, and the content is only for reference.

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