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  1. A domain name;
    a server or cloud server with a public network;
    has root or Sudo permissions.
    of the domain name of Goddady, the free server (Ubuntu20) of AWS
    In the installation AWS server. The operating system installed this time is ubuntu20.
    The domain name of Goddady and ASW's public network IP, the public network IP is the IP address of SSH login.
    The domain name is required in the middle. For example, the domain name registered by Godaddy is met.block.xyz. Fill in this here.
    The other one needs to be selected for HTTPS. You can choose the default and re -generate it later. The command is
    It you need to fill in the email here to receive the relevant information. It is mainly free of this certificate. There is an expired time. Reminder, you need to renew manually.
    Stherless installation is complete.
    Question 1: After the installation of the virtual cloud server of the public network, chrome may appear to open the meet.block.xyz without response?
    The reason: Meet.block.xyz domain name requires the hostname and modification to the URL. If it is rashly modified/ETC/Hostname, it may be invalid, because for most virtual cloud hosts do not support modifying the hostname, you need to modify the preserve_hostname: true n execution and viewing of the /etc/cloud/Cloud.cfg. Hostname Meet.block.xyz Settings
    /ETC /HOSTS should be meet.block.xyz meet
    Questions 2: may not be visited after solving problems 1 Meet.block.xyz?
    The reasons: Because most virtual cloud hosts are configured through VHOST configuration, the host will have two networks, one public network, a private network, the public network is the website of SSH login. That IP is yes.
    In the last two new parameters:
    This to start the Secure Domain function, limited people with accounts to open a new conference room
    The authentication method from Anonymous to Internet_plan
    and added: (other people can join)
    = "anonymous"
    c2s_require_ = false
    . Edit /etc/jitsi/meet/.ddns-config.js, add
    : guest..ddns,
    SystemCTL Status
    There is no test for performance requirements.
    1. Official fast installation
    2. Configuration details
    3. Configure NOIP automatic startup
    4. YouTube Install Jitsi
    5. Install JITSI articles
    6 6 . YouTue refers to installation 2
    Welcome to exchange, wechat: tlxbp930

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