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  1. The first time I saw the mood of the sea talked about sending a circle of friends [Article 1] 1. Save a love and go to the next mountain and sea.
    . The sea is the mother of life; sea water is the baptism of the jade liquid of life; and facing the sea, bathing the sea breeze, and feeling the thousands of styles between the rolling red dust are a great time in life.
    3. Looking at the sea, I am immersed in the macro, broad and middle; I am also immersed in the sigh of the marks of the sea in the sea! When our lives are injecting the magnificent and magnificent of the sea, our desire is full of life vitality, the sea is profound and magnificent, and the magnificence of the sea is lingering.
    4. The sea is very beautiful, but the ship has to go shore.
    5. Under the sun, the sea surface is sparkling and beautiful. Seagulls flew freely in the blue sky; in the sea, the ship slowly drove on the water surface, making a whistle whistle; people swimming in the sea played each other like bathing in a happy sea water.
    6. The seawater patted the sand gently, which was a kind greeting over and over again.
    7. The flowing river is red in autumn, like a letter spit out of a python.
    8. The sea owns is not just a color, it has a spirit and life. Therefore, I am facing the heart of the sea.
    9. The sky is gone and shining.
    10. White sails on the sea, and the white clouds in the sky are reflected in the sky. Several flying seagulls fly to the wind, showing its graceful dancing posture. The people who play or sit or lie or run, laugh and laugh, watch the blue sky and blue water golden beach, which is extremely comfortable.
    11. In autumn, I like to run out early and wait for the sunrise while Shanghai. When the fiery sun rose, the golden sun was filled with the sea, and the blue sea instantly became golden.
    12. Is there a sea over the sea? In other words, will your heart still be the ship of the sea for me? In other words, do you come for me?
    13. Sea water is like a kind mother, giving away her sleeves.
    14. The sea is full of water, and under the sunset, the waves jump like a naughty child, with a golden light on the water.
    15. I love the sea because it gives me everything; I love the sea because it is a symbol of the Chinese nation; I love the sea because it raises the sail of life for me! I love the sea and love the Chinese nation even more! I am willing to be a water droplet and integrate into the sea of ​​the nation.
    16. Everything is calm and serene; sometimes it looks like a roaring male lion. When it is violently angry, when the wind is calm, I only hear the sound of the stones on the beach.
    17. The sunlight is on the ripples and light, like a layer of shiny silver on the water surface, and it looks like a wrinkled green satin.
    18. The sea, like a humorous old man; the sea is like a shy little girl; the sea, like a great mother; the sea, like an angry strong man; the sea, like a mysterious one, like a mysterious one Magician.
    19. The sea is an upside -down day, and the island is the scar on the heart of the sea.
    20. Everyone has a lot of blue in their hearts, the sea, the blue sky, the starry sky, and the beginning of all dreams.
    The first time I saw the mood of the sea talked about sending a circle of friends [Article 2] 21. When calm, the small fish, small shrimp, and small shells of the sea, enjoy the beauty of the sea, seagulls hovered in a while Over the sea, it fell on the mast of the ship again; when the wind was winding, the shore on the sea slap the shore, slap a lot of shells, and the sea surface made a landslide.
    2. The journey of the star in the stars is inevitable.
    3. Everyone may have a lonely and free sea in their hearts. We often sneak into it late at night, and sometimes miss the lights on the land because they sneak too deep. Most people travel between the two throughout their lives.
    24. The wind was gentle, and the sea was sleeping in the cradle of the wind.
    25. Digital leaf white sails, on the golden surface of this water, like a few white feathers, drifting lightly and drifting.
    26. When the seawater has no wind, the waves are safe.
    7. The naughty seawater showed off his blue jacket to the sky.
    28. The flower shop is not opened, the flowers continue, the sea is withered, and the sea king is still there.
    29. The sea, the sea, the angel does not know, why I am so fascinated by you, the future of the future, I will also give you my blessing to the sea.
    30. The wind was shaved that day. Looking at the surging sea, I was very excited, standing on the observation point, listening to Ru Lei's roar, involuntarily twisted my body, waved my arms, and felt like I became the command of the prestige and drums for a while. "Drums" loud with my gestures; for a while, I felt like a dancer who jumped with the rhythm in the festival. Ah, between the sorrow, a wave of waves turned into a crazy dancer. I sang madly with them and applauded them. At this time, I realized what it means to be heartbroken, and to get angry.
    31. I do n’t catch any wave, and I do n’t have any ships. I have the sea myself.
    32. I am the cold and peacefulness of the sea; the vastness and esotericness of the sea to the sea; The sea attracted me with his unique charm, summoned me, so that my new body could fly to him and worship it.
    33. Seeing deer when Lin Shenshi, seeing whales when you are blue, see you when you wake up.
    34. Langtao jumped like a naughty child.
    35. I want to see the sea with you, and I want to see you with the sea.
    36. You look like a sea, half of the light and half.
    37. The dark night, the dark piece, you can no longer tell where it is, where is the sea. But I can still see the ornamental platform on the island and guide the direction of the boat on the sea. Gradually, the sky is no longer a little star, and it becomes a glorious crescent. This is the bright moon at sea.
    38. Summer with a filter, the sea is a touch of blue.
    39. At that moment, I became quiet like rocks, and in the tide of the sea, I listened to the voices of the big and profound avenue. At that moment, I was deeply like a stone, sinking, and calm, and in the hearts of the sea of ​​sea, sitting calmly, my heart was like water, and I began to silently feel the emotion of the earthquake, Shui Tianhe.
    40. The seawater is as blue as the sky and clear, and the brocade is glorious.
    The first time I saw the mood of the sea and talked about the circle of friends [Article 3] 41. We met like a seagull and the waves, met and approached. The seagulls flew, the waves flowed rolling, and we were separated.
    42. In the early morning, the dazzling sun was sprinkled into the sea through the clouds, and the blue sky appeared with a flap flying seagull, looking for food everywhere. At this time, the sea breeze was calm, and even the sound of Hai Tao was particularly light, as if he was still immersed in sleepy!
    43. There is a happy leisure in the cool warmth, and there is also love of love in the turbulent waves; dreams bloom in the flow of deep sea, and the songs sing with true love fairy tales.
    44. The sea is a city without wall.
    45. Each island is hugged tightly by the deep sea.
    46. Like the vast land of the Northern Plateau, it condenses an unspeakable mysterious vitality, giving people a profoundness beyond nature.
    47. My life is just a gentle madness, with a sea of ​​eyes, but I refuse to be blue.
    48. The vast sea is really charm. The tolerance is the mind of this sea, that is, the spirit of this sea, the soul of the sea. It accepted many storms in the world, it cleiled all the dust and dirt who wanted to erode her, and always used a flat mirror to face the ever -changing sky every day.
    49. Taking the sea as the neighbor, living next to the endless blue.
    50. I like the sea, so I jumped the sea in other words. I like you and I will like you regardless of everything.
    51. The sea blew away all the troubles.
    52. The waves of waves are pulling hands, rows of rows of rows to the shore after
    53. Whales slowly roll up their tails and sink into the deep sea like I like to hide outside the room.
    54. The earth is to see the sea.
    55. It can accommodate Baichuan, which is full of mind; the sea, there is a tide and tide, and its ideal ideal; the sea, there is a peak Tao Valley, its proud works; Test.
    56. The sea is obscure, and people need this spirit. The sea is tolerant of everything. Therefore, her children are all over the world and dedicate silently for human beings, but they have never demanded. As the mother of all creatures, the sea dedicated himself silently for all creatures.
    57. Those sentences about the seaside are better than blowing the sea breeze with you.
    58. I love the magnificent Huashan, I love the West Lake that is like a mirror; I also love the beautiful Wanshan Mountain. But I love the unpredictable sea.
    59. Sneak into your dreams to accompany you.
    60. The journey of the girl is the sea of ​​stars instead of smoke.
    Is how to send a circle of friends for the first time to participate in the nucleic acid test
    1. It is hypocritical without being abandoned by the battle;
    2. Latering in the middle of the night for nucleic acid testing. The residents of the community can go home directly, but the epidemic prevention personnel must continue. I do n’t know when to do it, hey, Xi'an cheer!
    3. Isolation virus, but not isolation, because love is a bridge.
    4. The third nucleic acid test report, everything is normal! Fully lifted!
    5. Today, this nucleic acid detection stab me died.
    6. If it wasn't for the unified nucleic acid in the community, I don't know that there are so many beautiful young ladies in the community, ahaha, do I have to seize the chance of taking off the order.
    7. Go home from get off work in advance, do the second nucleic acid test, store food to prepare home isolation
    8. What do you see, remember what, why are you touched, and why are you hard to sleep all night?
    9. China is always protected by their brave people.
    10. Love and hope spread faster than the virus.
    11. Pay tribute to medical staff and volunteer staff who fought on the front line of nucleic acid detection!
    12. Pray for the epidemic to end the peace and health of the people!
    13. After the test, it is solid, and everyone returns to normal life, happy.
    14. Fan loves all things, and the world is one.
    15. No matter what the sky is on the head, I am going to bear any storm.
    16. At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the community notified the nucleic acid test, which allowed people who went to bed early.
    17. Before the epidemic broke out again, I completed our wedding. When I met you, I would like to love you, care for you, and protect you for a lifetime!
    18. Come on Xi'an, return to normal life as soon as possible, every day is a sunny day!
    19. Live in this precious world, the sun is strong, and the water waves are gentle.
    . After the epidemic, everything is good!
    The first cooking mood of my son. I did some guidance, mainly by him alone. Four dishes, one dish failed because the raw materials were not bought well. The gene of the rice has the style of the chef. The key is the first time he cooks me and cooks me and her dad. Our mood is quite excited.
    The first cooking. Today is a good day. My cousin is married. My son and my little cousin ate a meal at home with rough tea at home to relieve the big fish and meat of the New Year.
    This son sang a birthday song for his grandmother! My mother laughed! The Chinese language is broad and profound. I have already passed myself! No matter what, thank my mother for giving birth to me. I don't like it, but I still have become an excellent person! You are still great!
    Remember that when my son was in the second grade, he was caught up with my husband and wife on duty at night. When I got up, I notified the phone. After getting up, he cooked instant noodles with a rice pot and went to school. At that time, the unit had a school bus to send children to school.
    The night shift to go home and see it, a little moved, there are two eggshells next to the rice cooker, and there are traces left by the eggs that are not cooked on the disaster.
    It left the noise of Feis, and the quiet blue tranquility of Shefawan seemed unique. The apartment where the apartment lives is run by the bosses and their sons. Rarely, the beauty is like a fairy tale, and it can also cook with a kitchen. Well, for the first time in a foreign country to cook instant noodles
    today at 5 o'clock to make grilled chicken, still get up so early to cook! But No. 1 It is relatively successful for grilled whole chicken at a time! The son said it is delicious! Colleagues also say deliciousness! It is still very fulfilling!
    did not cook for the first time for a few months to eat. Good recipes to the right milk, um, the finished product is good, and the fat right eats it.
    In the whole family, everyone paid a lot for everyone, watching him grow up healthy day by day, everything is so worth.
    The busy day to end with the sleeping sound of the baby, the new day starts with his smiley face, so good.
    This is great, and when he returns home from get off work, he puts the food and served the meals. This is his first cooking. The child's house, her grandmother was so delicious, and she accidentally ate 4 bowls. Now her family still remembers the classmate with a big appetite.
    The lunch of my son is a bit confused and the taste is not bad. For the first time, I do n’t know how to master the heat.
    The first cooking for the first time today. Now I do n’t like cooking. I do it mainly. My son always says that it ’s not delicious. I do it today. If he feels not delicious, I eat it myself. r r not to take a notebook home on vacation for the first time, buy food and cook, walk for flowers, watch my son writing homework, newspaper and write, play basketball, have no heart, unhappy?!
    Dinner, today I will buy food in person. My son was cooking independently for the first time, and I couldn't remember what year and the moon went to the market! When the mountains crossed the mountains, the days when the water passed the water quietly started!
    The emotional sentence of cooking at a time said that the living son made the first cooking egg
    The first cooking of the child was almost smashed by the pot
    The first cooking of the son, look forward to it!
    I Once cooking for Lan Fat, the son is very powerful! Happy!
    The first day when I go home, the child is kitchen for the first time
    R N Crayon Xiaoxin for the first time cooking, so serious, intimate children!
    On the first time my son cooks for me, it is really moving
    Steamed sea catfish, in fact, it is not difficult to cook at all.
    It the first time the son is cooking
    The first cooking of rain dogs, there is a son who feels like Tsinghua feels like Tsinghua University. Essence
    I my son thieves cute! The first time I cook by myself to eat ~ The company's Women's Day gifts this year ~
    This son is worried that I will cook at noon to cook him again. After making steaks, the first time I really felt good
    1028 eldest son to cook for the first time, decent
    The son's first cooking, although it is just a simple boiled pancake, the next increase will increase next time Difficulty
    This son's first cooking is super successful, and the delicious hand -grabbing cake is really good!
    This breakfast cooking for the son, the first time I bite the double egg yolk in my life, what is the meaning? I am surprised. Essence
    The first time he cooks for his son. Although he did too much, he did not eat a few mouthfuls of at least successfully eaten
    as a son who could not cook, he has always been quite sad. Finally, I can cook for my parents for the first time at home
    yesterday my son's first cooking. It looks so decent

    The first earning money to talk about the circle of friends (Article 1) 1. The salary was paid.
    2. I am part -time, I earn RMB by myself.
    3. Thanks to the leader for helping and guiding me at work. In the new year, I wish you good health and good luck!
    4. The company was responsible for the boss, and the salary was also issued by the boss. The salary required the boss to find a way. Whether he was individual or he borrowed it, it was normal.
    5. My superpowers are all flowers within a week after paying wages.
    6. What is more happier than the salary arrives, the answer is not.
    7. Finally waited until this day, but there was no expectation. Before that there was a one or two hundred dollars in your hand, you couldn't fly to your side. Today, the salary is paid. Before happy. Everyone can forget that I can forget, come on.
    8. Thousands of words, I can't express my gratitude. I can only say that I have remembered it.
    9. Yesterday, the development of this thought and the development of the body were the same.
    10. Self -confidence is the first tips for success.
    11. Pay salary! I bought an old man's mobile phone for Grandpa and played for one afternoon. I wanted to buy one for myself.
    12. Before paying salary: The deep burden of love can't afford it, fortunately I am a self -knowledgeable person. After paying salary: I can.
    13. Thank you very much for the promotion of me. I am very excited. I will work harder in my work in the future!
    14. Thank you for promoting the leadership. I will continue to work hard to not let you down. I also wish you a higher level and good health.
    15. Working hard to make money is to one day in the future, we can say: with money, it is good! Instead of saying helplessly: Just have money, just go!
    16. Thanks to the careful cultivation during this period, it has helped me a lot, and comprehensively improved my business level.
    17. After the mountains are exhausted, the company finally decided to pay.
    18. I have never given up my life. I have unlimited hope for my life. The daily income makes me really considerable!
    19. There are sunlight everywhere in life, and there is happiness from work. With your help, I have improved rapidly this year. Thank you, leader, please accept my gratitude.
    20. Record the first part -time job. I am very lazy and lazy, but now I am so enriched. I used to enjoy those things that did not belong to me. Essence
    The first earning money to talk about the circle of friends (article 2) 21. I paid my salary, why did I not receive it! Intersection Intersection Oh, I have already pre -made it in advance. I ran out, and I was forced. Essence Essence
    2. I found that the salary was not as much as the living expenses when I went to school. I found that the boss was more fierce than his father, and found that the road of life was narrower than the sewer. He found that he was lighter than the balloon. Can't master it, don't talk about flying.
    3. It is not easy to make money, and comrades still need to work hard!
    24. The salary is like a sister -in -law when I feel like I feel.
    25. Thank you for your strong smile and illuminate the corner for me. In many days, I will look forward to the beauty of meeting because of this smile.
    6. The day working together is happy, and the days of struggle together are unforgettable! Thank you for your help, I hope you are happy!
    7. On this warm day, let the flowers and smiles return to your tired soul and let the blessings stay in your heart for a long time. I want to say thank you!
    28. Pay the salary ~ Also pay the registration fee ~ I have to pay high iron money ~ I don't want to live ...
    . Pay salary! I have to plan how to spend well.
    30. After the mountains are exhausted, the company finally decided to pay.
    31. I work hard every day, your life, my income has always been very good, this is where I am proud of!
    32. After the salary arrives, the rent is deducted, and the flowers are finished. rn 33.发工资后:打车太爽了,一直打车一直爽半个月以后,我的钱呢?rn 34.最想喝的水:薪水;最难干的活:生活; The most beautiful flower: money with money.
    35. Working for the most admired person, in addition to salary, it will make you think of getting up in the morning.
    36. I don't want to be happy on the Qixi Festival. I just want to wake me up the happiness of my salary in the card.
    37. After paying the salary, I can finally support myself.
    38. I work hard to buy money by myself.
    39. For the first time, I did part -time job, the first comparison, and I bought two pairs of shoes for my parents. They are happy and excited. They are all Xiaolingxing in my life
    40. The weather is bad, but if you think about the salary in a few hours, you feel excited. Essence

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