How is the foreign exchange burst? Suppose I use a 10%position and 200 times leverage. How much can I resist?

5 thoughts on “How is the foreign exchange burst? Suppose I use a 10%position and 200 times leverage. How much can I resist?”

  1. Hello, your calculation has problems. The trading unit of commodity futures is not included. You need to multiply the trading unit, and it means that you actually need how much money you need to come out.

    If the variety and trading unit you make is 10 tons, you only need the available funds on the account to be empty 189*10 = 1890 yuan, which means how many handheld positions on your account, then If you want to empty the funds of 1890*n, your account will not burst out on the same day.

    The futures comes with leverage, margin transactions, and the remaining part of the funds on the futures account is lost, the risk is greater than 100%, the futures company will notify investors to make up the deposit or reduce the position by themselves. Then it will be strongly flat by the risk control department of the futures company. Generally, it is based on the risk of super exchanges. ) For the basis of Qiangping, this behavior of being super risky by futures companies is called burst positions.

    The loss of futures margin will be forcibly closed, depending on the level of the customer's position. Futures leverage is generally 10 times:
    If the position holds 100%, the price of holding the library is about 3%in reverse. The margin loss will be more than 30%, triggering strong flat
    If 70%of the position holder, the price of holding the library will change about 7%in reverse, and the margin loss will be more than 50%. 30%, the price of holding the library is more than 25%in reverse, and the margin loss will be more than 75%, which will trigger strong flatness. In short, the lower the customer's position, the safer the customer's position will be.

  2. Blasting is the loss of deposit payments without the remaining deposit.
    It simply, the available margin can be zero.
    The deposit that has been used for ordering is available as available as available, and you can continue to trade.
    10%of the position is the recommended operation scope, which can be used reasonably, better management funds, and control risks.
    200 how much can leverage be able to withstand, and the conditions are insufficient and cannot be calculated.
    If it is 10,000 US dollars, 10%is 1,000, 200 lever, and the transaction volume is 2 hands
    that point value is $ 20, which can resist 450 points.
    Roughly estimated that the specific currency pairs should refer to the specific price.

  3. If you have 1,000 US dollars, 200 times leverage, 10%of the position is 100 US dollars, you can do 0.2 hands. Generally, the platform stipulates that there are 10%of the positions for compulsory liquidation, then the remaining $ 900 fluctuations. 0.2 Hands can fluctuate 450 points

  4. Hello, it means that investors have caused account losses due to the current error (short -term or long line) of the market calculation. When the amount of loss exceeds all the deposit of the account, the margin will be zero. The losses are heavy, because the capital will be zero in an instant, and investors should pay attention to the stop loss when doing transactions. As long as the stop loss is strictly stopped, there will be no position in the position. Most of the occurrence of liquidation is because the stop loss is not strict.

  5. The possibility of 10%of the position is really small. This idea shows that you have a good starting
    The foreign exchange home.

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