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  1. The Red Cross Star in the stock is the technical form of the K line. Red Cross refers , And the K -line is red, the longer the upper and lower shadow lines represent the more fierce games between the two parties, the greater the probability of subsequent changes.
    In investors should pay attention to the technical indicators can be used as a reference in the investment process, but they cannot determine the trend of the stock. The stock is determined by many factors such as supply and demand, funds, and policies.
    The expansion information:
    The drawing method of the K -line chart in the stock market and the futures market contains four data, namely the opening price, the highest price, the lowest price, and the closing price. The development of the data reflects the situation and price information of the general trend. If the daily K -line diagram is placed on a piece of paper, you can get the day K -line diagram, and you can also draw a weekly K -line diagram and moon K -line chart.
    k line diagram Source was originally in the era of Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan, and was used by businessmen in Japan at that time to record the market and price fluctuations in Mishi. Futures market. At present, this chart analysis method is particularly popular in my country to the entire Southeast Asia. Because the chart shape drawn in this method is similar to a candle, and these candles are divided into black and white, so it is also called the yin and yang line chart.
    In the K -line chart, we can completely record the daily or certain cycle of market conditions. After a period of time, the stock price forms a special area or form on the graph. Different meaning. We can explore some regular things from the changes in these forms. The form of K -line diagram can be divided into reversal forms, organizational forms and gaps and trend lines.
    So why is it called "K -line"? In fact, the "K" in Japan is not written as "K", but "_" (Japanese sound read KEI), K -line is "_ The pronunciation of the line, the K -line diagram is called "_ line", and the West uses its English first letter "K" to the "K" line, which is developed.
    First we find the highest and lowest price of that day or a cycle, and connect vertically into a straight line; then find out the market price of the day or a period of time Narrow -long rectangular column. If the market price of the day or a cycle is higher than that of the market price (that is, low -opening and high), we are represented by red, or leaving white on the column body, this pillar is called "Yang Line". If the market price of the day or a period is lower than the market price (that is, high opening and low), we are represented by green, or black on the column, this column is "yin line".

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