What does LPC mean?

Some people say that he is engaged in LPC. I want to ask what is LPC? Thank you all!

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  1. The LPC single -chip microcomputer is a type of single -chip microcomputer. It is an integrated circuit chip. It is a central processor CPU, random memory RAM, only read memory ROM, multiple I/O ports and interruptions with large -scale integrated circuit technology Systems, timers/counter and other functions (may also include displaying drive circuits, pulse width modulation circuits, simulated multi -channel converters, A/D converters and other circuits) integrated to a small and perfect miniature computer composed of a silicon wafer The system is widely used in the field of industrial control. From the 1980s, from the then 4 and 8 -bit single -chip machines to the current 300M high -speed single -chip machine.
    LPC is a model of ARM7. The ARM7 series processor is the mainstream embedded processor designed by British ARM. Provide a 1.1MIPS/MHz Harvard structure. ARM7 has no MMU.

  2. LPC
    1. = Linear-Power linear power control unit
    2. = Low-Pressure Chamber low pressure room
    3. = Low-Pressure low-pressure compressor

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