Humans enter the Internet era mobile phone shopping remote medical network learning gravitational wave discovery, etc.

In the era of human beings entering the Internet, the changes in remote medical treatment, online learning, and gravitational waves, etc., can really be used. Suddenly like a spring breeze, what is the next sentence to describe it?

4 thoughts on “Humans enter the Internet era mobile phone shopping remote medical network learning gravitational wave discovery, etc.”

  1. The network is like an invisible large network, surrounding us. Similarly, like a double -edged sword, there are good and bad. However, it is better than the disadvantages.
    The network can bring us fast and convenient, which is closely related to us in our lives. And I also established a difficult feeling between the Internet.
    Is when I encounter difficulties, I can use the Internet to worry about myself and find the answer. In terms of learning, the problem that I do n’t understand, the network can solve you one by one, and its reserves are very rich, better than anyone. In life, when you encounter unsatisfactory things, you can vent through the Internet to change your mood. It can connect any corner of the world, and its ability is unattended. The Internet plays an optional role at any time. When you need it, you will find it. When you do n’t need it, you ca n’t see it, but it still reluctantly accompany you, stay quietly, wait for you to wait for you Discover it.
    The network can also bring me leisure and happiness. When I feel bored, I can listen to music online to relieve the boring and pain in my heart; when I am boring, I can read it online, and read online and save time and convenient. Moderate Internet access can open up my horizons and present the world in front of me; it can increase my knowledge and increase my extra -curricular storage knowledge.
    but the network also has a bad side.
    It will make people indulge in the online world and exist in the virtual world of online games, which has a great impact on our physical and mental health and learning life.
    Therefore, I will constantly tell myself not to indulge in the Internet and use the Internet to do things that are good at learning, life, physical and mental health, and do not allow the black smoke of the Internet to surround me. Be a pair of good friends seriously.
    The network also taught me a lot. It made me understand that everything has a certain degree of credibility, not all unquestionable. There is a deception in the virtual network; it makes people understand that it is careful to do things carefully, not carelessness, tiger.
    The network is our sincere friend. We should know it correctly, so that it can make its use of us. The network will definitely become a friend in our hearts. But first of all, it is necessary to know it correctly.
    The network has become an indispensable part of my life, and I grow up with the Internet.

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