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  1. The 360 ​​safe protects the account security of some specific software, and also protects the 360 ​​itself that it is not attacked.

    is also the protection of your core part of the system

    It hope to help you

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    Recently, the 360 ​​safe developed by Qihoo 360 has been initially developed. It mainly provides active defense functions. In the safe, a series of operations of users running software are under the security mode. Or the password is stolen.
    360 safe is the account password security protection software launched by the 360 ​​Security Center. It is completely free. The active defense technology adopted can prevent the invasion of online games, chat and other procedures. Accounts, stock trading accounts, etc., to prevent virtual assets and real assets due to account loss. Combined with 360 security guards, double the protection effect!
    v2.0 official version new feature: · New self -protection function, strong defending account password security.
    · Protect 360 security guards to prevent the malicious destruction of Trojan horses.
    · Game exemption mode and enhance online game player experience.
    · All -round scanning system vulnerabilities, system security and number of troops.
    · Security alarm optimization, start the scanning speed to speed up.

    B product highlights:
    . Displaying safe operating space, no poisoning
    . Before the protected program is running, the safe will open a safe space in the system to be protected by the protection program. Run this safe space. Trojan's attack behavior will not be able to penetrate this layer of safety space
    · Trivial to prevent Trojan stealing means. Even if the Trojan has entered the computer system, it will not be able to steal the account password
    · enhanced self -protection, the indestructible
    In the construction of the defense system at the core layer of the system, it is difficult for the general Trojan N · kernel -level programming technology, simple and efficient
    software installation package 1m, system resources occupy a very small, operating efficiency extremely high

    In real life, some valuable treasures or confidential documents usually usually It is placed in the safe, because too many thieves will be deliberate to valuable treasures, and confidential documents have attracted a large number of profitables to risk the stealing. In the virtual online world, the virtual property in online games can be replaced with RMB. The virtual figures of online banks are real wealth. Because of this, Trojan and virus will continue to attack users' computers. Wait for the opportunity to steal. A few days ago, Qihoo launched the "Qihoo 360 safe" software in order to ensure the security of the user's computer. How safe is the 360 ​​safe launched by Qihoo?
    The introduction of Qihoo 360 safe n Qihoo 360 safe is a security software independently developed by Qihoo 360, which adds active defense function. In the safe, a series of operations of the user's running software are under the security mode, which can effectively prevent user accounts or passwords stolen. On the official website of Qihoo 360, we saw some technical highlights of the Qihoo 360 safe:
    1. Before the protected procedure is running, the Qihoo 360 safe will open a safe space in the system. The protection program runs this safe space. Trojans' attacks will not be able to penetrate this layer of safety space.
    2, targeted precautions: Qihoo 360 safe safely protects keyboard drivers, windows hooks, and only reads theft of Trojan horses. The Trojan horses will not be able to steal the account password even if they enter the computer system.
    3. Enhancement of self -protection capabilities: Qihoo 360 safe constructs a defense system in the core layer of the system. It is difficult for the general Trojan to destroy the safe itself, which can ensure the security of user computers to the greatest extent.
    4, simple and efficient: software installation package is only 300K, and it does not exceed 1.5MB after the installation is completed. During the operation, Qihoo 360 safe occupation of system resources is also very small.
    , this is just the word of Qihoo 360. In practical applications, can Qihoo 360 safe really have super security functions like a safe?
    Qihoo 360 safe performance test
    . Like others, the author is often caught by some viruses or malicious Trojans. Seeing the Qihoo 360 safe to use active defense technology, naturally you have to test it.
    . Install the Qihoo 360 safe
    After loading the Qihoo 360 safe after downloading it, the installation program is only 304KB. After returning all the way, the Qihoo 360 safe was installed in the computer, and the icon was automatically generated on the desktop.
    . The function preview of the Kobo 360 safe
    1. Starting the Qihoo 360 safe:
    It is not difficult to find after starting the Qihoo 360 safe, its interface is similar to the Qihoo 360 security guard. After starting, you can see the intimate function of the Qihoo 360 safe- "Safe Start." The so -called security startup refers to the software in the 360 ​​safe to start in the security mode, and during the software operation process, the danger process is given to the user's prompts and effectively prevented. However, some software in the security start is under the default path, and the user needs to check whether the path is correct, otherwise the safe will not work.
    2. Safety start:
    It online banking, Qihoo 360 safe provides a protection function for China Merchants Bank's online banking client. After clicking "Safe Start", the Qihoo 360 safe will automatically scan, and then start the client of China Merchants Bank's online banking.
    3, settings:
    In the "Settings" project, users can choose the range and protection mode of the Qihoo 360 safe according to their needs. In order to avoid opening the Qihoo 360 safe every time you start the software, users can choose the option that "when the protection software starts from anywhere in the system, and the protection range of the safe." In addition, the settings also provide "Trojan Scanning Settings" and black and white list settings. "Trojan Scanning Settings" is to scan 360 safe when the program starts. The blacklist settings can block some suspicious procedures.
    It use summary: The safety function of Qihoo 360 safe is relatively simple in design, but there is still deficiencies. Both the user did not install online games, but the program name appeared in the security protection menu. Because it is a test version, some functions are still limited. In general, Qihoo 360 safe function is simple, but the functions need to be improved.
    three, Qihoo 360 safe function test
    A active defense is the characteristics of Qihoo 360 safe. In practical applications, can the 360 ​​safe have good protection capabilities for some common Trojan horses or viruses? Intersection Below, let's test it. As we all know, the "Glacier" Trojan is a well -known domestic Trojan software. At present, anti -virus software can effectively block the "Glacier" Trojan. After downloading the "Ice River" Trojan, once the anti -virus software is decompressed, the antivirus software will pop up the horses. When the author is installed in the machine, it will pop up the prompt when decomposing the "Glacier" Trojan's program package.
    In order to test the security function of the Qihoo 360 safe, the Norton Enterprise Edition is disabled. No prompts were found when the "Glacier" Trojan's compressed package was decompressed. After running the glacier, the Qihoo 360 safe did not respond. It seems that the safety function of the Qihoo 360 safe is not so good.
    did not block the glaciers, is it because of improper settings? Check the settings of the Qihoo 360 safe, you can monitor Trojans in real time. It is not difficult to find the process form to find that in the system of the system, there is a process of "360load.exe", which is the process of 360 safe.
    It the Ice River Trojan has been working in the environment. The author tried to launch the online banking client program of China Merchants Bank in the Qihoo 360 safe. It was found that after the Trojan scan was performed, it was normal. Is this the active defense function of the 360 ​​safe.
    Is re -enabled the Norton Enterprise Edition software, and found that Norton popped up the virus. It is not difficult to find that the safety performance of the Qihoo 360 safe is not as safe as its propaganda. In practical applications, there are many more viruses that are more fierce than the "Glacier" Trojan. The Qihoo 360 safe can't even cope with the glacier. How to deal with other more fierce and crazy viruses?
    The last: Because the software is the test version, whether in defense or killing, the performance of the Qihoo 360 safe is not perfect at present, and it is not even as good as some of the current mainstream anti -virus software. Whether the 360 ​​safe can escort the PC in the future is still unknown.
    Is other answers
    In intercepting Trojan and external attacks and killing rogue software and Trojan in the computer

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