2 thoughts on “Where is the prosperity of the household safe?”

  1. Furnishing safe can make money on the bedside, hidden corner or financial position.
    This safe placed on the bedside can gather wealth, but from the perspective of Feng Shui and privacy, we better put the safe in a hidden corner or financial position, so as to maximize the wealth of our family. At the same time, the possibility of the safe's thieves is raised.
    1) The safe in Feng Shui should be placed in the financial position, which has the meaning of "money cabinet". In the five elements, the safe belongs to the gold, and the southwest and northeast are soil. According to the principle of the five elements: the golden gold, so the safe to put the safe and the money in the southwest and the northeast.
    2) Leave a safe to leave the corner of the wall in the backboard of the wardrobe of the wardrobe. Use the steel plate on the wall to fix the safe or fix the safe with the expansion screws, and then install the hidden door. This thief will find it difficult to find and cannot move the safe. On the side of the door, the wall should be leaned against the wall. Because the door gap is against the wall, the thief cannot find a focus point, and it is difficult to pry the door lock. In addition, the alarm can be installed on the safe, which is best to connect with communication tools such as mobile phones. Once a thief is encountered, you can call the police in time.
    The expansion information:
    The contraindication of the safe
    1) Taboo movement position: Generally, most enterprises and shops will place the safe in the northeast position. The financial position, because it belongs to the soil, the soil can produce gold. Putting the safe in this position is beneficial to the profit of the store's wealth and stable store profits. In addition, there is a saying that the safe should be placed in the direction of the white tiger. It is easy to make the store's wealth and income unstable.
    2) Avoid exposure: The so -called money cannot be exposed. The safe place in the financial position has the meaning of the "money cabinet". The cabinet is covered by covering, so that people do not know that it is a safe inside, and the appearance is like a general bookcase.
    3) It is forbidden to be placed near the bathroom: safe to ensure property, gather wealth, cannot be placed near the bathroom, because the bathroom has a heavy dirt, long -term erosion of dirt, easy to break the wealth, and it will also be able to break the wealth. Bringing various disasters, there will be a lot of places to spend money, and it is easy to get sick. Sometimes it may not be able to eliminate the disaster.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. If you are not familiar with these nine house meteors and do not want to change the orientation of the safe every year, you can choose the safe to choose the safe in the southwest, west, northwest, or northeast of your home is more auspicious. Because the southwestern, west, and northwest three directions are in the gossip, and the rejuvenation of the exchange corresponds to the autumn harvest period. Corresponding to the northeast is the tribute, which is the transportation direction of the Eighth Games, and the land of the Five Elements and the Five Elements. 2. The best place to place the financial safe is the financial position of the residential and office, which can help wealth and let the wealth roll over. Some officials have to ask questions, where is the financial position? The long diagonal position on the left or right of the entry is the financial position. The door opens the house on the left, and the financial position is on the right; the door is opened on the right side, and the financial position is on the left. The door is in the middle, usually on the left as the financial position.

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