4 thoughts on “Where can Jinan sell dogs, the best market, or a dog street, thank you!”

  1. Hello,
    The pet market on the southwestern gate of Daming Lake (Near Happiness).
    can also go to the pet market in Phoenix Mountain. There are many people on weekends.
    The community in your area, many pet hospitals, some are both sold, and there are abandoned dogs. You can go to see it. None of them need money. Still healthy.
    I wish you all your heart

  2. There are many dogs on the market, and there are many dogs on the market. The dogs who are in the right classics go to the family to breed. My family shepherd was bought at the family breeding. Later, I bought a little Bomei. I was only one year old. Three pounds, I told my friends that the dog bought 3,000. A friend spent five thousand, and bought a tea cup Bomei, one circle larger than my family, haha.

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