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  1. How to choose the three techniques of puppies
    In how to choose the three techniques of puppies. For the criteria for most people when choosing puppies, they are beautiful. There are many factors that dogs need to consider. Let's see how to choose the three techniques of puppy.
    In how to choose the three techniques of puppies 1. Appearance and disease
    1. Check the eyes and observe whether there are yellow pus -shaped eye feces around the eyes.
    2. Check the nose. The healthy dog's nose is cool and humid, and the nostrils are very clean. If there are yellow secretions, don't choose whether there is a nose.
    3. Check the ears and turn its ears. Observe the condition of the ears, whether there is a odor or viscous attachment, redness, trauma, bleeding, etc.
    4. Checking the buttocks. The healthy dog's buttocks are very clean. If the anus is swollen and dirty, it is excluded directly.
    5. You can slowly touch the hair with your hands to check whether there are skin diseases. Whether there are plaques or dryness, sliced ​​skin.
    6. Check the dog's foot pad. Soft, not cracking is a healthy manifestation.
    7. Pay attention to cough, sneeze or breathe difficult. These may be signs of disease.

    . Observing the dog response
    1. The puppy looks like a machine sensitive and alert, not drowsy.
    2. Healthy puppy should walk and run normally, and the pace should be normal.
    3. Throw a toy or ball. Does its eyes follow the toy?
    4. Clap your hands. When the puppy is shouting it, the puppy should turn to look at you.
    In short, it is sensitive to the changes in the surrounding environment, good spirit, and lively love. You can see it at a glance, then there is no big problem.
    . How to choose a puppy with good personality?
    1. Observe whether the dog is playing with the dangle dog. A dog with a healthy interest in playing is most likely to associate with other dogs.
    2. Evaluate how the dog interacts with people. Puppies should be curious and interested in people. A puppy who scares or scares due to fear may have poor social ability and difficult to train.
    3. Press the dog's back for a minute. Excessive struggle or fighting puppies are better. A good puppy may twist, but it will eventually relax and become obedient.
    4. Holding the dog, stroking its ears, mouth and paw. If the dog becomes a good fight or try to escape, it may not be able to accept the behavior of being cut by your nails quietly.
    In addition to the above points, the most important thing is to choose a qualified dog house, pet shop or owning, ask the dog's physical condition, observe more, and sign a copy for you. A health agreement for half a month or a month. You can also buy a set of small crown test strips in advance, on -site testing. Based on all the above, you can avoid buying a week dog
    Mo how to choose the three techniques of puppy 2 listening:
    It when choosing a puppy, the first thing you want to do is to take it to it Put it in a stable place, and then use your hand to finger on the side or head of its hand. If the puppy's reaction is actively looking at it with the direction of the sound source, it means that its hearing is normal. No obstacles.
    Then turn its ears and observe the condition in the ears. Unhealthy performance; if not, it means that the puppy's ears are completely healthy.
    The inspection of the port is mainly in the aspects of secretions, teeth, gums, and tone. There will be no other abnormal secretions in the healthy dog's mouth except for saliva. If it is found that foaming secretions indicate that the dog's health is problematic. The teeth of healthy dogs should be white. If there are tartar or damage to the teeth, you can think that there is a problem with the health of the dog, although this is not a big problem.
    If gums, dog's gums should be pink. If its gums are gray and white indicate that the health of this dog has a problem, it may be internal bleeding or physical weakness, insufficient nutrition or congenital anemia, etc. The problem is caused by other diseases. The breath is not as principled as the teeth, but most of the dogs with bad breath prove that its diet structure is problematic.

    The dog's nose is wet in a healthy state (the nose of the just woke up will be dry), and the color of the runny nose is a transparent nose. If it is a yellow nose and accompanied by cough, it means that the dog has already suffered from some kind of respiratory system. Diseases such as: upper respiratory tract infection, nest cough, pneumonia, or the early stage of dog plague. When choosing a dog, you can pinch some foods in front of its nose with your hands.
    The dog's eyes should be clear and clean, the eyes are congested, the eyeballs have white film, a large amount of eye feces in the corners of the eyes, and the body of the corner of the eye (indicating that the tear glands have problems) are unhealthy symptoms. When choosing, you can put it in a relatively high place and shake it in front of its eyes with your hands. Observing its reaction If it shows fear without jumping downwards and shaking with your hand, it shows that its vision is normal.
    Colidation: Dog excrement is also a criterion for dog health. If the dog has diarrhea, the stool is scarce to indicate that its digestive system has problems, or the intestinal flora is damaged. The worst is the worst. It is a small virus. If you can't see its excrement, you can lift its tail to see if there is a stool around the anus. Generally, only the hair around the dog's anus will stick to the stool.
    Be pace:
    The pace of normal dogs has seen it. If the pace of the dog is abnormal, it may be because the muscles and bones are not mature. Three months later, the pace of dogs has a problem with bone injury or once injured. There are also some dogs that cause sequelae of action due to damage to the brain, so please be careful when choosing.
    38-39 degrees is the normal range.
    The foot pads of adult dogs are full and strong; puppies' foot pads are softer and delicate. If the dry cracks of the dog indicate malnutrition, if the puppies are hard, it may be the early performance of dog plague.
    How to choose the three techniques of puppy 3 1. Check the dog's facial features and secretions
    Check the skin condition inside the dog's ears:
    hot. If the dog's ears are found to have a odor, redness, bleeding, or unknown dark attachment, it proves that the inner ear may cause damage or parasites.
    This Dog Dog's mouth and its mouth condition:
    S healthy dog's teeth are white, the gums are pink, no bad breath, no other secretions except the mouth water. If the mouth is found to have odor, unknown secretions, or pale gums, and damage to the teeth, it may be a problem with the diet structure, gum disease, or insufficient nutrition or even anemia.
    This touches the dog's nose:
    The healthy dog's nose is slightly moist, and after touching, it will make your hands feel humid (the dog's nose will be dry). If there is a snot, it should be transparent. Nasal nose. If the dog's nose is dry, even cracked, or a yellow nose, it is a manifestation of the health of the dog's health, which may be a fever or a sign of respiratory diseases. The color of the nose varies from different varieties, and it is not necessarily related to health.

    The eyes of the dog:
    For purebred dogs, the shape, location, and iris color of different varieties of eyes have obvious requirements, but the character and health of the dog are healthy and healthy No absolute connection. When selecting pets, pay attention to whether the eyes are clean, whether it can be fully closed or opened, there is no iris inflammation, and the color and quantity of eye feces. If you find that the eyes are congested, the corners of the eyes are protruded or the eyes are too much, it is not a good phenomenon. In addition, some varieties, such as chopsticks, are prone to flurlays or flip inside and outside the eyes, and pay attention to inspection.
    . Check the dog's five senses
    In contact, to relieve the slow increase of kneading dogs and the skin's skin resistance to external pressure resistance. It is easier to accept the collar and traction rope.
    In the vocal toys behind the puppies and observe the performance of puppies. Generally, dogs will only pay attention to observing the source of the source of sound, and the timid ones will have fear. Find the possibility of veterinarian examination.
    This shaking in front of the puppy with a balloon or toy. Dogs with normal vision will show curiosity, and the sight will follow the object to transfer or show fear.
    . Check the dog's quilt and skin status
    The direct connection with the diet and health of the dog's diet and health. If you do n’t consider the different gross feelings of different varieties, the hairy of healthy dogs should look shiny, not messy, and do not feel dry.
    The dense needle to combine the dog's quilt with needles, check whether there is a dirt to fall off, the dietary nutrition or inappropriate use of the shower product will increase the dog dander. Then separate the dog's hair and check the skin condition. The healthy dog's skin is pale pink, without obvious color changes, and there should be no black spots (probably parasites) at the root of the hair.
    The skin check around the mouth, neck, abdomen, limbs, underarms, and anal positions to see if there is a piece of color or block. Essence
    . Check the dog's excrement
    The excrement is the most direct manifestation of the dog's health. The excrement of healthy dogs should be softened, mostly brown or yellow (the color of the feces has a lot to do with the ingredients, so different colors will appear in specific examples). If the dog's feces are not done, it is mud -like, spherical, or even water, or that the dog's feces are red, gray -white or black, which may be a manifestation of digestive tract disease or low immunity.
    Check whether the dog's health is also clean near the anus. The anal of a healthy dog ​​should be clean, the skin is not red and swollen, the hair around the anus is not dry, and there is no stool residue. If the hair around the anus is found to be stained with feces, it proves at least the dog has a phenomenon of dilute.
    5. Check the dog's exercise ability
    This dogs run on a flat ground to check the coordination of its limbs. For a period of time after the puppies were born, muscles and bones have not yet developed, and it is normal for imbalances to occur during action or running. In this state, it should not appear frequently when it is three months old. At this time, if the dogs are inconvenient, clamor, and easy to fall, it may be injured or injured in the brain.

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