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  1. 1. Put in pet cemeteries: In some big cities, there have been complete pet cremation. Pet cemeteries are already pet cemetery. If you want to look at it after the dog dies, you can put the dog cremation and put it after the cremation of the dog. In pet cemetery.
    2, do not bury yourself:
    (1) Many people choose to bury themselves after the dog dies, but the arbitrary choice of buried location is large. Buried on the side of the road;
    (2) But the pet itself may carry a large amount of bacterial virus, and the buried burial may bring hidden health hazards to other animals around the surrounding animals.
    3, do not discard the trash can at will: Many people change their attitude immediately after the dog dies and discard it in the trash can. This approach is also very bad. Harm health.
    4. Give it to the community staff to deal with: Many communities have special health institutions. You can hand over the dogs to the community staff to make them professional. The last dignity of the dog.
    5. The staff who handed over to the Dynamic Supervision Institute for treatment: The animal supervision institute can professionally handle the body of the animal. You can give them your dogs and let them do professional harmless treatment, let you let you let you let you The beloved friend can die cleanly.
    6. The treatment center for pet corpses: Many big cities have established pet corpse treatment centers. Dogs are human friends and loyal guards. They bring us endless joy when they are alive. After death, they should let them go clean and serene.
    Dog (Latin scientific name: Canis Lupus; English name: DOG), also known as "Dog", scientific name "Family Dog". It is called "six beasts" with horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. Some scientists believe that dogs have been domesticated from early humans from the ash wolf, and the domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years.

  2. The life of dogs is generally 13-15 years, and it is sad to say, but since it is raised, it must not be considered what to do after one day it died. In case the day is coming, we can only sincerely thank it for the happy time it brings to us, while buried it well. If the dog's burial method is buried in the yard of your own home, you should pay attention to hygiene when adopting this burial method. You must not bury the dog in places where the well, rivers or pools are too close, especially when a dog should be killed by infectious diseases, you should be dead due to infectious diseases. pay attention. The grave should be dug at least 1 meter to depth, sprinkle with lime, and wrap the dog after wrapping the dog. If it is wrapped in a plastic bag, the dog corpse cannot be decomposed naturally and absorbed by the soil, so this method should not be used. Dogs living in the apartment are nowhere to be buried. The dog owner can contact the Health Institute or Sanitation Bureau, and they are responsible for handling the dog's body. Of course, this is necessary to charge, and the cost is self -determined by each institution, and it is not completely unified. After contacting the phone, you can put the dog's body in the carton and wait for them to pick them up.

  3. Now in some big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, there are already pet cremation, pet cemetery and other service places. When the dog leaves us unfortunately, we can prepare a place to rest for it. And when you want it, you can also see it. Of course, you can also take the dog to the suburbs and find a quiet place to bury the dog. As long as the dog can walk quietly.

    It dogs leave us. Whether it is a sad question when it is, as parents, we must cherish every day that we stay with the dogs, so that the dogs are happy, happy, happy, happy Essence For the health of the dog's health, we must work hard on daily feeding and exercise. Make up balanced nutrition for dogs every day. Strengthen the exercise of dogs so that dogs can resist resistance. At the same time, various dog vaccines must be injected with dogs to prevent dogs from dying of diseases.

  4. I followed a stray puppy 14 years ago. I like her in 14 years. I like her very much. Changmao puppy. Her Mao family recognizes and places. She has never disliked her. Well, I slept with us in bed, and took care of our illness on September 1, 2019 to leave us on September 1, 2019. It is really sad to get along with each other for 14 years! When I was seriously ill, I went to the pet hospital doctor and said that the first year old was too big, and the second illness could not be cured. I would like to ask me to die for the dog. I can't think about it anymore. The "heartache" dog knows that she must not be willing to torture, and she also wants to accompany the host in the end of life. From the dog's disease, I have not went to bed to sleep. With her, only when she hugs her can the dog get a moment of rest, so that my wife to accompany her every day with her mother's recognition every day is a dog, vomiting, pulling, physical paralysis, massage her, holding sleeping, holding sleeping, holding sleeping. Until the next day I went to work and saw her pain to torture my heartache. On the morning of September 1, 2019, my dog ​​left, and I buried the dog on the hillside under the mountain of the reservoir.

  5. If your home is in the city, you will follow the regulations of your city. If your home is in the countryside, don't discard it, dig at least one meter deep. If possible, it is best to install the dog's body in a strong box, and dig a half meters deep pit, which can effectively avoid the corpse from being dug out by other animals. There is another thing that must be buried in places where it is not unexpected.

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