2 thoughts on “Where is there a pet market in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province? I want to buy a pet dog”

  1. Hello ~ You can buy it from the city of 58, and pull over a few for you to pick it up. You can also go to the dog field to see it. My little Lala also bought from there, especially healthy ~

  2. Hello, sir, please listen to me, never go to the dog market and flower and bird market to buy dogs! I started to buy Alaska in the dog market. In the end, I spent five or six thousand and failed to keep it. Instead, I killed another dog of my dog! Now that I have owed two lives! Moreover, the dog market owner is outrageous to make money to breed puppies. If you really love dogs, please listen to me to persuade you not to buy dogs in the dog market! Also, I saw friends upstairs saying that they bought dogs in the city in the city. I have encountered a photo of my friends dog photos in the city before 58. I have not bought dogs in the city of 58, but please please Be careful anyway! Intersection

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