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  1. Dog deworming can be divided into internal deworming and in vitro deworming. Internal deworming is mainly aimed at gastrointestinal parasites. In vitro deworming medicines are relatively diverse. Dog Xinbao, Pfizer's favor, worshiping pets, 100 500 of steamba, big pets, etc. Which kind of good dog deworming medicine can be divided into body deworming and in vitro deworming. Internal deworming is mainly targeted at gastrointestinal parasites, such as: bowls of tapeworms, hookworms, compound reedous insects, etc. It is mainly targeted at flea, lice, chiggle mites, creeps, and tapeworms on the body surface. The medicine in vivo is often given by orally. The in vitro deworming medicine is relatively diverse. It can be used by drops, spray, collar, orally, etc. Essence Internal and in vitro deworming medicines can be once a month, dogs can be once every 3 months after adulthood, and in vitro once a month. For puppy, try to choose products with high safety and reliable brand. In addition, you must use the dog's weight when using the drug.

    Platin's dog heartbao: mainly targeting tapeworms, hookworms, heart filament, etc., the effective ingredients are Ivechi, bihydrocarbinoline. In addition, dog Xinbao is classified according to the age and weight of the dog, so when choosing, choose the one that suits your dog. And in order to prevent dogs from taking deworming medicine, it made dog Xinbao a beef flavor and improved a certain taste.
    2. Pfizer in the United States: It is mainly aimed at tapeworms, hookworms, and heartworms. The active ingredients are Seramine, and are universal for dogs and cats. At present, most pet hospitals use dog deworming medicines for Fulan, and Finaire does have a certain reputation in this field, so it is recommended to a certain amount of recommendation.
    3, worship pets. Worshiping Qing is a better deworming medicine in the body. It can mostly kill intestinal parasites. The range of insect repellent is relatively wide, so it is the most popular insect repellent. Its advantage is that the safety is high, and no need to fast, that is, the price is higher than other similar drugs. Please pay attention to anti -counterfeiting when you buy a pet. There is a separate anti -counterfeiting verification code after each worship.
    4. 100/500 of the steamba. This kind of insect repellent can remove thirteen parasites in the body, including tapeworms, nematodes and tapeworms. However, side effects are larger than worshiping pets. Its advantage is that high effects are suitable for dogs with any age, but they need to fast.
    5. Pets love drops. The principle of in vitro deworming is different from other differences (paralysis through Saraidin), so it has higher safety and small side effects on pets. It can kill fleas, ticks, fleas, and other parasites in vitro. It is very safe, so don't worry about dog licking.

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