3 thoughts on “Why do dogs love bones?”

  1. Dog bones are because the dog's body has a digestive enzyme that can dissolve bones, which can help the dog digest hard bone and absorb the nutrients that are beneficial to themselves. The result of natural selection during the process.

  2. Dogs like to eat bones, but do you know the reason?
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  3. No matter which breed of dogs, most of them love bones, let's talk about why dogs love bones.
    The temptation of fragrance
    This bone is either stewed or cooked, so it is particularly fragrant. We humans love to eat, dogs because of nature, more fragrant fragrance, which one believes which one believes. When the dog smells it, it will be greedily stabbed, the more fragrant, the more fragrant, and you can't stop it.

    This bone texture is relatively soft, and the residue is dropped as soon as it is eaten. When you eat the dog's belly, you can add calcium to the body. Provide nutrition for dogs. Therefore, dogs are also physical needs.
    It can be used as toys
    dogs are not only for eating, but also to play. Dogs are funny. Plush toys can be played for a long time. After a while, I played while eating, and it was interesting to solve it.
    Mothing teeth
    The dog's teeth usually cannot clean up, you can only clean your teeth by biting, and the dog's teeth sometimes itch, the smaller the dog During the long teeth, just like the baby's teeth, it feels itchy and awkward, so often bite things, one is to relieve itching, and the other is to grind more clean and sharp. So dogs should solve these two things through bones.

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