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  1. Corgi is the name of a dog.
    Corgi is a kind of dog name, mainly Wales Corgi dog and Swedish Corgi dog. Wales Corgi is a Corgi species fed in the British royal family. It can be said to be a royal dog. Corgi Most of the personality is darker, smart, and very vigilant. It is suitable for children who are children. Corgi has the biggest advantage that is not to love hair loss, which is very suitable for family feeding.
    This dog's temperament is lively and cheerful, and every day with short legs jumping, very happy, it can always bring joy, and it is particularly played with children, sometimes even even more. Protecting children, the personality splashed with heavenly life makes it always occupy a place among various family pet dogs. The Corki dog's personality is very brave. Dogs do not need to be grazing, but are raised as pet dogs, and its brave and fearless personality still retains it.

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