1 thought on “What should I do if the dog doesn't want to raise it?”

  1. Don't want to raise a dog, don't throw it away at will. The owner can handle it like this:
    1. View friends and relatives around you and give them the dogs.
    2. Send your pet dog to the local pet shop to help the dog find a new owner.
    3. Selling dogs at low prices to those who like them.
    Dogs are good friends of human beings and emotional animals. When you have no time to take care of them and have no ability to raise them, you can choose not to support them, but do not discard and do not casually Massacre, try to choose a good place for them to make their dogs complete.

    When we cannot continue raising it due to some truths, we can give it to friends around, especially those who love dogs, you can send information in the circle of friends Did the people around me just want to raise?
    If people must tell his dog's living habits and in a good condition, so that the dog can adapt to the new owner faster, and if it is a pet dog, it is generally us from us from from us. If you buy it back, it costs a certain amount of money. We can also sell it to other people. Of course, the price is not the main price. The main thing is that we must be good for dogs.

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