How to determine whether the dog has rabies disease?

Recently, I want to raise only pets, but I do n’t know if this pet is healthy. I heard that I had to get a rabies vaccine for pets, but it was determined that the dog was not onset of the disease. Is it very dangerous?

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  1. This is unspeakable. During the incubation period, dogs with rabies virus basically have no obvious symptoms. They eat and drink normally. Occasionally, the murderer phenomenon can be seen, but it is often difficult to distinguish.
    Buy disease is also called water terrorist disease. It is a kind of acute human beast that is mainly caused by rabies virus to infringe the central nervous system. Animals with rabies virus, especially dogs, are the source of infection of the disease.
    mainly spread through bite. Some dogs that seem normal may also carry rabies virus, causing infection to people.
    So to prevent rabies, managing dogs is very important. Family dogs should be vaccinated in time for rabies vaccines. For wild dogs and stray dogs, they must be managed and immune. Disaster animals should also be burned or deeply buried.

  2. Border stalks (details introduction)
    until now we can only do as much as possible to prevent rabies. The probability of rabies is not high. Many people are still afraid of rabies. As for dogs with rabies, we need to be isolated as soon as possible, so how to distinguish between dogs and rabies and rabies.

    It to determine whether pet dogs have rabies, then you must first have a detailed and in -depth understanding of this disease. You must know the infection of rabies, the source of infection, and the main symptoms after dogs infected rabies. It depends on whether the dog has a rabies disease, and you must first know how the dog is infected with rabies.

    The main manifestations of dogs infected rabies and disturbing consciousness, offensive behavior. In addition, the diseased dogs are mainly manic and disturbing consciousness, and there will be aggressive behavior. Rabies virus mainly exists in the brain tissue and spinal cord of the diseased animal. There are also a large number of viruses in the salivary glands and saliva of the diseased dog, and they are discharged from the body with saliva. Some healthy dogs may also be infected with rabies due to licking.

    The dogs with rabies usually have different eclipse, and a lot of drooling. We know that the other name of rabies is terrorist disease, so for dogs with rabies, they will get less and less water, and they may not drink water in the end. If there are the above symptoms, the dog is likely to have rabies.
    Is to be infected with rabies. We must be isolated as soon as possible, because this dog usually becomes more irritable, so it is easy to bite. If you want to prevent rabies to the greatest extent, you can only make them in vaccination for them, and prevent them from bite with other dogs.

  3. I teach you a relatively simple way to distinguish whether there is infection. You cut off the bottom of your pet's eyes. If the color of the bottom of the eyes is pink or white, then don't worry. If it is covered with blood, the red is not normal, and There are mucus in the corner of the mouth, and the ten or nine are sick. Generally, rabies do not have rabies. When bringing out, try to contact them as little as possible, because some wild dogs look normal, in fact, there are germs on their bodies.

  4. The clinical manifestations of the diseased dogs can be divided into two types, namely violent and lush types.

    The violent and violent period lasts for 1 to 7 days. The diseased dog consciousness is disordered, and the stimulus of the external environment is extremely sensitive. , Bite the bite, attack human and animals, and the sick dogs locked in the cage or locked with a rope often try to break free, bite prison cages and chain ropes, and bite the limbs, tails, etc. Sometimes drinking water can also cause sick dogs to break out. Therefore, it is also known as water disease: The diseased dogs gradually lose weight, saliva, and muscle paralysis, and eventually died due to central nervous nerve paralysis.

    The depression type first appears short -term excitement symptoms, and then switched to the paralysis period. Generally, after clinical symptoms occur 2 to 4 days, switch to paralysis. Paralysis appears on the head muscle, which can be seen in drooling and difficulty swallowing. With the development of the disease, muscle paralysis affects the whole body and died after 2 to 4 days.

  5. Generally, it is not seen on the surface
    The initial period of violent period, the dog is aggressive;
    then developed to the inhibitory period, the dog's teeth are closed, it is no longer possible to eat. Drawing; finally entering the paralysis period, the dog showed a "drunk state", his limbs shake, unstable, and died of respiratory failure.
    If the dogs have the above symptoms, the breeder must not be exposed to it, and the sick dog must be killed immediately. The corpse should be burned or buried deep.
    The dogs with rabies are bitten by 70%.

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