5 thoughts on “Is the white fox a variety of dogs? Why is it like a dog?”

  1. White fox is not a breed of dogs. White fox is a variety of foxes. The formal name is Arctic Fox, also known as Snow Fox.
    The this is not a white fox in your photo, a dog, and the variety is a Samoyed dog.
    Samoyed dogs, nicknamed Samoyed, were originally breeds cultivated by the Aboriginal Samoye in Siberia. The color of the Samoyed dog is white; some of them are light brown, cheese, and light brown. In addition, other colors are lost. The Samoyed dog is very smart, the learning is fast, but the degree is very different. Its temperament is mild, loyal to the owner and strong adaptability. Be wary, full of vitality, be friendly, not conservative, not timid, not doubtful, but the offensiveness is not strong.

  2. The dog in the picture you see is not called white fox, it should be a Samoyed dog.
    The dog breeds cultivated by the Aboriginal Samoye in Siberia, naughty and agile before the age of one. It is alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble, elegant, and cute, with a very striking appearance, and the title of "Smile Angel".

  3. Isn't the same variety? What do you mean in front of you? Is it a silver fox? Or refers to the white fox dog? The white fox dog is a large range. Essence Essence In addition to silver foxes, there are three types of fox dogs in Germany, small, medium and small, and Italian fox dogs, etc. These belong to the white fox dog Satsuma belong to the sled dog ~~ and silver foxes are not a variety

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