2 thoughts on “Alaska's three -month puppies want to feed the Royal Little Milk Cake.”

  1. Eat royal large dog milk cake (AGR30). There are German puppies on the bag.
    20kg a bag, about 560 yuan.
    The amount of a cup of paper cups at a time at a time, just four meals a day.

    three months old dogs no longer need to eat soaked dog food, which is not good for teeth.
    only two months when my dog ​​came, and the original owner had already fed dog food.
    and now in the summer, the soaked dog food is easy.

  2. In 3 months, Royal Big Dog Puppies Milk Cake.

    4 times a day, grab 2 with your hands at a time, soak it with boiling water and eat it for the dog.

    The 2 Alaska, which has been big, it has been more than 2 years, and the younger one is now only 40 days. There is also a mother -in -law who has just been born and has only been born for more than 20 days.

    The interested can communicate, my Q is 938925

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