How to raise dogs in office workers

At 8 o'clock in the morning to about 4:30 in the afternoon, there are about eighty square meters in the family. You can walk the dog in the morning. The time for walking the dog in the evening is basically idle. The entertainment is not much. The economic conditions can be supported. Know if you can

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  1. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    The people are early and late because of work, so there is not much time to raise pets. But many people like to raise dogs very much, but they suffer from their own work and never raise them. So how should office workers raise dogs? In fact, as long as you don't let the dog boring, lonely, and other psychological bad emotions.

    For office workers, it is best to take out some time to train the problem of the dog's excretion, because you can't urge them when no one is at home, so you can only rely on them to consciously abide by the hygiene habits. Essence The biggest problem for office workers is that they are afraid of dogs loneliness, so we can raise two dogs at the same time and let them get along friendly, so that when you are not at home, they can play with each other.
    For some dog taboo foods, it is best to place them where they are not enough, and some electrical appliances are best unplugged to prevent them from biting. Of course, it is best to train them not to approach these electrical appliances to prevent electric shock.
    If food can be fed more appropriately. After feeding, take the food bowl and put some water next to it. Keep the window in a ventilated state. You can prepare some toys for them to play. If you feel that you still have time when you come back at night, you can take them to meet.
    So the main problem for office workers is the education of dogs. Because of the less time to accompany them, it is not possible to correct some bad habits in time. Therefore, when resting, pay more attention to their every move. If problems are found, they should be educated and corrected in time.

  2. If you don’t raise a dog, you will never know what kind of experience is going to pick up the dog
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  3. Hello friends
    It, if you think clearly, the golden retriever is also a large dog. Some cities are not raised. You can raise this condition, because you keep it in the house, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right wrong? Just prepare the food, you can take him to walk when you get off work.

  4. If the office workers want to raise a dog, because there is no one at home, they can put the dogs in a pet shop to foster when they go to work, and then take it home after get off work.

  5. If you want to raise a dog, you must get the dog to foster the dog when you get home when you get off work, because the dog also needs to play with small animals

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