3 thoughts on “There are several reasons for dogs to leave”

  1. The dogs are lost, as the owner's mood can be imagined
    M n maybe at this time, I just screamed in the fire and shouted
    . The method of returning to your baby
    So how to find it is reliable?
    The latest dog recovery method of 2016:
    1; WeChat circle of friends
    2; dog friend QQ group
    3; online dog search platform
    What can resonate is that the dog has a circle. Everyone knows that the dog's mood is lost. The first time in the dog's loss can seek help in the local dog friend QQ group. Sensitive, when walking dogs, it must be more likely to pay attention to the dogs around them than usual, and know what kind of dogs are, dogs look. You can get a certain cost of rewards, so that you can get the message faster.
    This Dog Find Revelation:
    The judging whether the dog is getting lost or being taken away by a stranger according to the dog's personality. Dogs that are very refused to strangers will continue to wander.
    In the dog's variety to determine whether the dog will be taken away. Generally, people are most familiar with purebred dogs, such as poodles, bikuma, Sherry, etc. Soon after perfect, it is easier to be taken away.
    Belly of these judgments, there is a way to come down:
    This in the first few hours of loss is to retrieve the golden time of the dog, convene a large number of relatives and friends, and the place where the dog goes out of the sight as the coordinates as the coordinate. Constantly expanding the search area, calling for the surrounding people, such as newsstand security, cleaner, shopkeeper or clerk, dog walking person, children playing nearby, so that you can quickly collect the loss of clues.
    , at the same time, mobilize all monitoring and find clues that can be viewed. If you lose your location and monitor, you can clearly determine the direction of the dog's lost. changed.
    This dogs have no significance in essence. It will not attract too much attention on the side of the road. It will only cause some people who are raising dogs to be curious. However, the dog search revelation can be pasted to the surrounding pet shops, community stations, and property management centers. If strangers are unintentionally picked up, it is also likely that they will be sent to the pet shops, community stations, property management centers to find the owner.
    If you still can't find a dog for more than three hours, you can basically determine that either the dog is lost to a farther place or was taken away by a stranger. In the first case, it is very difficult to find a farther place, so it is very difficult to find it, so you can only look at the dog search for the pet shop. Playing will appear there, of course, it will be better to find it at night, because the dog will tend to find a safer place at night. At this time More partners go, so when you look for it at night, you need to call the name while looking at it, and bring a dog at the same time.
    It is to analyze that the dog is taken away by a stranger. The best way is to find dogs at a high amount of rewards. The price must be higher than the price of selling dogs, so there will be some opportunities to get rid of some dog traffickers a few times and spread the news of the reward. If this kind of malicious hugging the dog, as long as you are willing to spend money, then there is a big chance to find it.
    . Another kind of hug is goodwill. When a stranger sees a stray dog ​​without a owner, he likes it with heart, and he will take it home to raise it by himself. It took it back, but it may take a lot of time when it takes a long time, because the dog and the new owner have feelings, and it may not be easily returned. How can I quickly find the clues to be taken away by good faith? If there is monitoring, it may be better, and the dog no longer appears in the picture and starts to investigate. A large number of dog search reveals will be issued. If you are a security guard, you can call the monitoring to check according to the time point. This can increase the probability of recovering

  2. The dog's attention to the owner is not concentrated, or if he is not obedient, you can't come back, and the male dog will run far to find a bitch when he is in estrus, and then you can’t come back.

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