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  1. Why are someone particularly afraid of dogs?
    I answers may only have one: biting or intimidated by the dog, causing a heavy shadow.
    In order to add more dog lovers, the analysis and analysis will be bitten by the dog (maybe you are not particularly scared after you understand):
    : Rabies is a dog bite infection infection infection. Therefore, the chance of such incidents is very small, so you don't have to take it to your heart.
    This reminder: If you are bitten by a dog, please clean up the wound and disinfection in time, and then go to the epidemic prevention station to get the vaccine.
    : Dogs are distinguished by grades when they eat. During the eating process, the level of level is the most obvious, so it is difficult to eat the stomach. (Care). The genes of the Chinese dog are relatively obvious.
    Third: The surrounding environment suddenly changes the dog's strong defense, so you should not be close to strange dogs.
    Fourth: Dogs will be loyal to the owner for example. If you take things into the dog's owner's house, the dog does not bite you, and when you come out, you will bite you with some dogs. And when you are close to the owner of the dog, don't have too much move, otherwise some dogs will bite you. (Good dog care for three neighbors)
    Fifth: Dogs have super hearing power to distinguish people's normal heart rate. If you are afraid, your heart rate will accelerate, which will be suspected by the dog. Dogs will bite you.
    Remember that you will basically not be bitten by the dog. When you have been in contact with the dog for a long time, you are not particularly afraid of the dog.

  2. The first reason; since human beings have conquered the world, they have been self -proclaimed as high as animals, but dogs are as people's pets. They are often accompanied by people, and gradually become the food chain of the food chain second only to human beings in nature. Status, the emperor is afraid of the opposite of the princes.
    The second reason; Chinese dog blood is messy and genetic unstable, especially many domestic dogs in rural areas. Although they are known for their bravery, they are not high in IQ and are easy to attack strangers without differences. Compared with foreign countries, working dogs and partner dogs that have been breeding and pure blood breeding have been relatively safe and stable.
    The third reason; some people are born with boldness, and even cockroaches and mice are scared. You have no reason to make them not afraid of dogs.
    The fourth reason; some low -quality dog ​​raising people, do not do a good job of epidemic prevention, and let the dogs just bump, bring certain hidden dangers to pedestrians.
    The fifth reason; some people who do not like dogs are harmful to other ignorant people. For the Chinese, bad news is the fastest and most believed, so there are many appeared many. People who listen to the believers believe that "all dogs are harmful", and even position them as another harm other than the four harms.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, it may be related to his experience. My friend is afraid that he was chased by a dog when he was a child. People are afraid of dogs, usually because of some psychological hints or frightened by dogs when they were young. When I was young, parents generally did not let us touch the dogs, saying that dogs bite people, and over time, we left this hint in our hearts. Some of them were because they were attacked by dogs or scared by dogs when they were young, so they also had a certain impact in my heart. This leads to fear of dogs.nI asked me when I was chased by a dog when I was a kid, which led to the shadow leftnI now see the kind of dogs afraid of the dogs. The dog runs towards me. I call it loudly. It is estimated that the people next to it are scared.nAnswer yes, I was pecked by chickens when I was a kid, and now I am also afraid!nThis is normal, but you have to overcome it yourself, you can try to contact the gentle dog.nI feel that this shadow cannot be solvednThere will be a way to answer, as long as you don't face the fierce dog. In contact with gentle dogs, you will get better and better overcome difficulties in your heart.nAsk me to be afraid of animals, I am afraid of seeing Mao Mao, I can’t overcome thesenAnswer you buy some plush toys and put it on the bednQuestion, thank you for your suggestionnIt's not polite to answer, it's not too early, rest early! Good nightnMore 9nBleak

  4. If some people are afraid of dogs, there may be more reasons. For example, when I was a child, I was bitten by a dog, which caused a very large psychological shadow, so I was afraid of the dog afterwards. When I saw any dog, I would feel that it would want to bite itself, so there would be a kind of fear of respect.
    It dogs look very fierce. Subconsciousness will feel that you should attack people, so you will be scared. Some people think that dogs are dirty, such as fearing fleas, bacteria, etc. After all, the animal has its own habit, and sometimes it is difficult to coexist with us humans.
    It people do not like dogs. There is no other reason for this, I just don't like it. So if you want to get along well with them, everyone will accept it. There are still many patriots in real life, and many people like pet dogs. They will feel that they are quite obedient and can accompany themselves, add some fun to their lives. So I am afraid that it is different from person to person.

  5. In fact, there is no answer, but it ’s just some animals, which are ugly and weird in your eyes. If you are disgusting, you are specially disliked. In fact, each of us is afraid of animals. Some people are afraid of cats. Some people are afraid of dogs and some people are afraid of cockroaches. This is normal, but you think it is not normal to see the strange form. It is a bit scared. Is it just like this?

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