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  1. In many family -raising families, dogs are also one of the family members. Whether it is a pet dog or a door dog, it is usually very docile, and it is particularly good to get along with the owner and the little owner. However, some dogs have a bad temper, not convinced, the more they are fierce, and even their life will bite people, showing aggressiveness. So how do you teach dogs?
    In the more fierce dogs, how do you teach the more fierce dogs
    This can wear a cotton thick clothing, and thick cotton gloves to protect themselves first. When the dog appears to be a murderer or even bite, he immediately holds the dog's neck and poured it to the ground, riding it on it, the belly towards it, staring fiercely, and at the same time, his legs clip Living in the dog's hind legs, the other hand holds the dog's two front paws, and it should not let go of it. But be sure to master the strength, do not hurt it, and do n’t hold your neck too hard, just control it. To let it know your status, when will you not struggle and let go slowly.
    The first time can be a little shorter, and then the appropriate extension is extended. Until you have this action, it is almost the same. In the future, as long as you have this action, it will be more honest, and let it know your status.
    How to deal with dogs and bite people
    This is natural, but it is natural for dogs to bite people, but it is recommended that you do more social training for the harmonious family safety of the neighborhood. For example, you often take it to different environments, listen to it Different voices, touch it more, talk to it, and send it to dog schools for bad behavior corrections.
    The dog raising dogs and bringing children. It is to teach it to obey who is the master.
    What, what to do if the pet dog is angry with teeth
    The mouth is also an important part of the dog's face expression. When the dog rolls the teeth when the dog is rolled, it generally means that the dog is going to launch an attack. When you recognize the Lord from an early age, it has regarded himself as a boss. You are just the younger brother of his life. It is difficult to teach if so.
    The character formation of dogs depends entirely on the education of the owner. Like a child, it is necessary to develop a small bully, which will be highly elegant to the parents, and even add it. The same is true of dogs. In front of the pet dog, the owner's strength must be displayed, so that the dog is the first to look at the owner's horse, treat the owner as the dog's leader, so that the pet dog will respect the owner and obey the owner.
    The news
    Dogs have natural class instincts. The order relationship between dogs is non -straight -line and is a pyramid -shaped step relationship. Their class instinct allows dogs to count people and animals into social groups, and they have the determination of steps. If the owner is too doting for the dog, it will make the dog mistakenly think that its class status is higher than the owner. It is the boss at home.

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