5 thoughts on “What pet is suitable for boys?”

  1. Boys are suitable for raising cats, because cats are docile and good, and they do not need to go out every day. They are very worry -free, so boys can raise cats

  2. Pets suitable for boys include Corgi, Golden Retriever, Border Shepherd, Alaska. Because these pets are more lively, and the character of boys is also very lively, it is good to get along with these pets.

  3. Corgi, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Teddy, Border Shepherd. These kinds of dogs are not only very cute, but also very obedient. They never picky eaters, and boys are very easy to raise.

  4. Boys are more suitable for raising Corgi, Golden Retriever, and Er Ha, because they are very naughty because of these dogs, they are very naughty like boys. They will often play happily together.

  5. I think boys generally do n’t be very careful. They can raise some pets that do n’t need to worry too much. For example, cats, hamsters, birds, etc. do not need to walk, and they also love cleanliness themselves.

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