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  1. 1. Observe the coat gait as a whole. Eyes, healthy dogs are slightly moist, and their noses are clean and smooth.
    4, in addition, you can also go to a regular pet hospital for canine plague and small examination. If you don't worry about the test strip, you can do a blood test.
    Extension information
    1. The so -called "week dog" refers to the puppy bought from the dog traffickers on the roadside. Questions, vomiting, cough, blood, and even death. Severe and may infect the owner's disease. Most of them carry diseases.
    2. The investigation found that a dog was injected with the diseased dogs or a strong heart needle to make a healthy dog ​​for profit. When choosing a dog, it is best to buy a special pet store and keep the purchase voucher.
    Week Dogs-Baidu Encyclopedia
    people's daily map says: "Week Dog"? --Phnn Renmin.com
    Plobes died in four days.

  2. First of all, you have to check it well, 1. Will you smell the dog's bad breath and whether the ears are odor. 2. Check whether the dog's teeth are defective. 3. Go to the dog's right ear and see if the dog responds to determine whether the dog's ears are not good. Similarly, the left ear also wants. 4. Golden Retriever's dogs are crazy in front of people. After seeing people, they usually rush forward. At this time, don't worry. After they pass the enthusiasm, look at the dog carefully. But if it is a weekly dog, that is to say, the dog dealer has a stimulant to the dog, and it will always be excited or no one cares about him. 5. Golden Mao hair is thick, so take a closer look at the dog's fur ulcers or hair loss. 6. See if the dog's BB is abnormally or not. 7. Check whether the dog's anus is normal and whether there is something dirty.
    The hand -to -hand, hope to adopt

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  4. No eye shit
    The eyes are very flexible
    The tail cannot fall down
    cannot spit
    This cannot be diluted

    The simplest thing is to buy a small test paper
    This and test it before buying
    The most accurate
    The boss does not allow the test to be 100 % weekly dog. Essence
    and not recommended to buy dogs in the dog market,
    best to go to the local 58
    to take a look at
    In the future, you can also find a dog mother to play together

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