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  1. Huainan Tianjiayu Huainan Times Plaza handsome Chinese pet new retail can breed pets and can take a look.
    The method of breeding dogs, natural mating, auxiliary mating, mandatory mating. This mating method is a relatively common method in dog breeding. What method does the owner need to use, depending on the situation.
    The natural mating method of dogs is the most common and best mating method. This method is suitable for the size of the male dogs and dogs, or both parties have mating experience.
    It if the bitch's estrus is more obvious, it can be used in the case of the male dog's pressed on the body. Of course, the dog mate with the public in the big court after all, after all, it is indecent. The owner needs to take the dog out to the clean and flat ground (and there is no one with no one), and then let go of the dog to make it naturally mating.

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