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  1. Living habits of puppies:
    The expression when happy: Dogs swing their tails and jump towards high places. This is the most common way of expression.
    Sometimes the dog will also "laugh", manifested as wrinkles on the nose, pulling the upper lip, exposing the teeth, the eyes are slightly closed, the eyes are gentle, the ears are stretched back, and the mouth is opened gently. Humming, the body twisted softly, the whole body was smooth, and the tail was lightly swinging, which was close to others.
    The expression when anger: The face of the dog is almost the same as when the expression of the face is almost the same as "laughing". Straighten towards the back direction.
    General mouth does not open, and a threat of screaming, stomping hard, stiff body, erected by the hair, stretching or straight tail, keeping a certain distance from people. If the front limbs are down and sit back, it indicates that you are about to launch an attack on you.
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  2. 1. Like communication. Communication with people is a natural habit of dogs, especially associated with children, and the natural habit often depends on the level of "mark" with people at 3-7 weeks. If the first two months of the dog are only with its parents or other dogs, or if they do not really understand people, it is easy to produce a situation of dislikes and people who do not love people and do not train well. If you have been caressing from a young age, this will make it recognize that people are their friends and familiar with the smell of people. This will develop a personality of love with people and easy to train.
    2, level concept. Raw nature likes group residences. In dog breeding farms, dogs in rural or suburbs, there are always one dog leading group dogs and governing and governing them. The leader of the head dog is usually represented by the following specific actions: if it is allowed to be allowed to inspect the genitals of the other dogs, it is not allowed to urinate in the place where another dog is rowed across the direction. The other party can shake his head in front of the dog, swing his tail, naughty, sit down or lying down, only when the head dog leaves. After the level advantage was clear, the hostile state disappeared and began to become friends. Therefore, the owner should erected the image of the head dog.
    3, the dog's eyes look low. The dog was originally a group of animals, feared the leader, worked hard to protect his companions. After entering the human life, he obeyed the order of the family: the hostess fed it, takes care of it, and played with it. It is awe. Conversely, if the hostess is more majestic and guides the whole family, it will fully obey the hostess. It is afraid, and even afraid of it is taller than it, and the same taller or small as it is as small as it, but the dog will have a strong desire to protect them because of curiosity. Therefore, there is "the saying that the dog's eyes look low".
    4, the instinct of barking. Whenever the ambulance and police cars pass, dogs often bark. Barking is a way that wolves are in contact with companions. As an instinct, dogs have inherited this feature. So when you hear who's dogs will "sing" with the music, it is not surprising. But not all dogs will bark, there are some exceptions.
    5, realm concept. The dog's domain concept is strong, and it is accustomed to using urine to mark its "sphere of power". In its field, it can be very angry, and once it is in the strange place, especially where the dog and cat taste are strong, it has no courage. This is common when it is close to the animal hospital, and it is reluctant to move forward, or shivering, or even intensive. Therefore, it is often centered on its own, and it is often updated with its own smell, and it is often updated. One territory can only belong to one or two dogs or the entire dog group.
    6, climbing behavior. Climbing and crossing behaviors are very indecent in human beings, but dogs are indeed from this nature, but because of their age and gender, the purpose and performance of climbing crossing are different. When puppies go home for a while, the puppies will crawl around you, which is a manifestation of its joy and naughty. Sometimes the two puppies also climb and cross -move. This is just a game similar to children and a happy performance.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAfter answering puppy's living habits, after being developed by people, dogs are actually a omnivorous animal. In addition to meat, they can also accept some vegetables and some fruits. Variety, they have very traditional and good virtues, such as their loyalty to the owner, they are very friendly to people, so dogs, everyone knows that their sense of smell and hearing is very sensitive. They even through the sense of smell To judge the gender of companions.nDear, many living habits of puppies will be affected by the owner

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer like group residence, there is always a dog leading dog group, which will dominate and control them.nLike to get along with others, loved ones are dogs' natural habits, especially playing with childrennPuppy likes to call often. This is a kind of instinct for dogs, but not all puppies like to scream, and some dogs like to be quiet.nDogs are carnivorous animals, and dogs like to bite. Dogs have a unique self -defense ability. After eating toxic foods, it can cause vomiting reactions and spit out toxic foodsnQuestioning the characteristics of the dog's actionnAnswer a pure relationship, loyal to the masternIntelligence, strong acceptance abilitynSensory sensitivity, strong memorynStrong adaptability, good returnabilitynQuestion this is the characteristics of the dog's actionnThis is the characteristics of the dog's actionn回n When his owner is attacked or injured by others. It will help each other. Other dogs will rescue the owner from the water, fire, collapsed houses or other dangerous situations.nIs this also the characteristics of the dog's action?nRightnThis is a detailed explanationnQuestion [awesome]nAnswer [handshake] [handshake] [handshake]nQuestionnnAnswer Hello, which question do you want to ask?nCan only ask one question and one questionnQuestionnnAnswer (1-0.5) x = 0.5XnMore 23nBleak

  5. What is the habit of dog life?

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