5 thoughts on “Why do people raise pets”

  1. I believe that most people will feel that pets are just psychological comfort and cure. In fact, pets are also very helpful for physical health.
    . Regulating blood pressure
    According to expert research, interaction between humans and pets can help reduce the level of stress, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and effectively regulate blood pressure.
    . It is beneficial to heart health

    The experimental data proves that the mortality of the heart disease of cats is far lower than those who are not raised. Even after a heart attack, the survival rate is much higher than those who do not have cats.
    . Help to lose weight

    The poverty officer who raised cats should have been opened at home. Bar. There is such a supervisor around you, it is impossible to want to get fat by yourself! Intersection
    The shoveling officer who raised dogs should be more deeply appreciated. Dogs need to walk every day. The daily exercise volume is actually very large, and it is easy to develop a regular schedule. Essence
    . Improvement of immunity

    The people feel that cats and dogs carry a large amount of bacteria, but in fact, early contact with cats and dogs (under the conditions of regular insect repellent and vaccination) It can help the owner improve the immune system and enhance their own resistance.
    5. Enhance happiness and reduce loneliness
    Researchers in Australia have found that taking care of pets has given many elderly people aware of life. Many children who are not around them have a sense of happiness through the company's company and are no longer so lonely. This effect is more obvious in many elderly men.
    6. Active emotions, cure the inner heart

    The fatigue and stress that work for a day, will be cured by the warm and soft little life after returning home. They can help us alleviate our tension and dissatisfaction, help us calm our hearts, and promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of stroke.
    7. Special treatment

    The treatment of many diseases is inseparable from the help of pets. Studies have shown that cancer, Parkinson, aphasia, and autism patients are treated with pets for treatment. The body will return to faster!

  2. Because people find that people are getting more and more difficult to communicate, they are worse than raising pets and can also get some comfort. And pets are good listeners.

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