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  1. Nebba dogs (details)
    although Beijingba dogs are relatively long -lived dogs, many Beijing -Pak dogs will be paralyzed early. Many owners will feel that the paralyzed dogs are more troublesome, and the daily medicine treatment is also a huge overhead. Dogs will feel very painful because of paralysis, and some owners often choose euthanasia. In fact, Xiaobian has seen a lot of paralyzed Beijing -Pakistan dogs who can live for a long time. Although they are inconvenient, they have a very good temper. Even if they are very painful, they will not bite people. In the case, the owner still ended the dog's life.
    Puctant intervertebral disc herniations Generally occur after the age of 2, mostly concentrated at 5 years old. Dogs with acute lumbar disc herniation suddenly felt back pain, hind limbs and tails could not move and unconsciously, howling and howling when the pain was severe. The symptoms are similar to cramps when the chronic lumbar disc herniation is protruding, the hind limbs are curled up, the forelimbs are scratched, and sometimes rolling or incontinence. The symptoms disappeared after a few minutes. If it is mistaken for general cramps, it will cause the condition to worsen. Frequent symptoms of cramps rolled frequently, and finally discontinued the nerves, causing paralysis.

  2. 1. Dog paralysis is caused by excessive nutritional nutrients or some diseases. At this time, you must take the dog to pet hospital for regular treatment in time to avoid the best treatment period.
    2. Observe which part of the dog is discomfort. The massage time of this part can be slightly longer. Proper massage for limbs and heads can promote blood circulation and prevent atrophy.
    3. After illness, the appetite will be reduced, and the paralyzed dog is even more difficult to eat, but you can feed some liquid food. You must remember that it is difficult to eat it anyway, otherwise everything is gone.
    4. Lay a soft cushion in the place where the dog rests, so that it will be comfortable when lying on the stomach, and the setting of the nest is as smaller as possible to avoid too much movement.
    1. Well, to take out your patience a few more times, sometimes it comes up subconsciously to eat, be patient, slowly it does not hurt after taking the medicine, and it will be very good to feed later.
    2. Circle it in a small environment, don't let him exercise too much, about one square meter. Don't be too small, do not let it be cold, it is best to put water in water, because it is stool on it.
    3. Wash it twice a day. At least, you find that it is excreted, especially if you have a stool, you must change the cushion and wash it. The dog also loves cleanliness, and the stool will be sick.

    4. After washing, heat therapy should be performed. On the one hand, it blows the wet hair of the fart, and on the other hand, it must focus on blowing the lumbar and cervical spine.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs suddenly cannot stand up. It is usually caused by spine or limb trauma, hypoglycemia, postpartum calcium deficiency and poisoning. In this case, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital for examination in time to confirm the treatment. The diagnosis of the X -ray machine to check whether there is spine and limbs damage, and the physiotherapy or surgical treatment needs to be performed to eliminate nerve compression and treatment paralysis. Fracture of limbs can be fixed or surgical. Through blood test, hypoglycemia or hypotonic calcium can be diagnosed, and calcium supplementation can be performed. If it is caused by poisoning, symptoms can be lifted by detoxifying drugs.nAsk him yesterday.nHe was constipated yesterday. I used Kaiseru for him.nHe can't pull out shit. The butt is a bit bleedingnAnswer, if the dog is not good now, it is recommended that you take the dog to the pet hospital as soon as possiblenParalysis is too seriousnQuestion and then I see a little red today.nHe can stand up.nThe butt is now. Is it a little red. Can I have a whole at home. I have no hospital in this placenSorry for answering, I am not a professional doctor after all, I can only give you suggestions. I suggest you observe the condition of the dog. If you continue to be serious, you can only seek medical treatment.nMore 8nBleak

  4. Hello, my Beijing -Poyo dog was paralyzed more than two years ago. The hind legs could not stand up and dragged on the ground. At the beginning, I took some infusion of the hospital and lost some strict calcium supplement. Okay, if you lose it anymore, it will not let people lie down on the ground and do n’t eat or drink. I thought it was going to die. It was sad to collect a lot of information on the Internet. The dog stood up miraculously, although the hind legs were not as flexible as the original, but we were very satisfied.nI write our treatment methods here and hope to help you:n1. Be sure to eat it because the pain dog does not eat. Is it very dangerous? Whether it is coax or irrigation, he eats a strict medicine. Because we are a pet hospital in small places, I can only try it, but I have eaten it a few times. It obviously does not hurt. It makes people get closer.n2. It is difficult to feed the medicine and take out your patience. My dogs like to eat sausages. I wrap the medicine in a small piece of the sausage in the sausage. When I pretend not to give it a few more teasing, sometimes I subconsciously came to eat. I was lucky. My dogs were not chewing and often swallowed it. If you do n’t do anything, think about it every day to tease it to take medicine and take medicine. Slowly it takes medicine.n3. Circle it in a small environment. Do not let him exercise too much about one square meter. Do n’t be too small. Do n’t let it be cold.n4. Because you ca n’t stand up, you will get it on your body. At that time, we washed it twice a day. At least you found that it was excreted, especially when you stools, you must change the cushion and wash it. Also sickn5. After washing the heat, we need to take heat. We have limited conditions. We use a hair dryer to dry the hot wind on the one hand and blow dry. Focus on blowing lumbar and cervical spine [Sometimes it may be a cervical spine problem] Blow 1-2 times a day, 3-4 hours a day, I feel useful when I have time when I have time, but I have to stick to us at that time. When the dog is in a hurry, I will bite and my mother wearing cotton leather gloves and blowing hot air. It is really hot and very tired, but we insist that the dog needs usn6. Massage the limbs while blowing to promote blood circulation and prevent shrinkingn7. Eating nutritional equilibrium, you must not eat meat, you must also supplement vitaminsn8. This is not an overnight thing to persist for us for two months, but the dog's situation is not easy to say at different times.n9. I have always emphasized that insisting on patience and wanting to take carenHowever, because my physique declines, my father and dad are going to work in the field. No one accompanies it to play with a dog. I always sleep in a long time without exercising. Closing his eyes slowly, he stomped under the bathroom to wash his eyes slowlynMy friend's best brother brings me countless joy and happiness PippinI posted it, I hope more friends can see that you can bring some dogs who help you to love you better. You have many friends, but for the dog, you are all it

  5. First of all, to take care of the paralyzed pet dog, you must also prepare a comfortable and warm keriller's nest for it, especially when the season is replaced by changes, and the dog's foil should be placed according to the actual situation. In winter, you need to add a sleeping cushion in a timely manner, and in summer, you need to remove the sleeping pad.
    Secondly, when feeding a paralyzed pet dog, you can't expect the dog to eat normally, take care of the paralyzed dog parents to prepare some nutritious and soft and easy -to -digest foods, and need parent -child to feed Pet dogs, so that it can eat on time every day.
    Third, the dogs who usually take care of the paralyzed should also pay attention to keeping their bodies clean. Therefore, it must be more timely to comb the dog and clean the body, and it is necessary to take a bath regularly for the paralyzed dog to ensure that its body is clean and tidy. In addition, the dog's excrement must be cleaned every day to ensure the hygiene of the pet dog's living environment.
    PS: Care paralyzed pet dogs require the owner's determination to be more patient, careful, and persistent. Paralysis is also a terrible and serious thing for pet dogs. As the owner of the dog, even if the pet dog is paralyzed, it cannot be easily abandoned. It is the most thing that the paralyzed pet dog should do.

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