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  1. Dogs toys
    Propets toys are one of the items necessary for dog owners. Some dogs like to play and fly. These toys can help train your dogs to teach them to chase, arrest and return. Some balls or rubber toys can make a crunching sound, and dogs like to "bite to death".

    1. Dog of strong aggressive bite

    It should be given some puppy toys that are more durable for hard rubber or nylon products.

    2. If the dog is a dog with a semi -offensive bite

    The toys will be bitten into pieces, but they will exacerbate the wear of toys and give them some canvas or plush puppy toys.

    3, dogs without aggressive bite can give them some soft rubber puppy toys.

    This is made of different materials and has different durability. Therefore, when you buy puppy toys for your pet, you need to understand the habit of your pet's bite, and choose a proper and durable toy for it.

    Igly, you are recommended to choose a two -color TPR stick to speak dog toys, make a safe and non -toxic TPR material to take care of pet health; Toughness is full; molars and teeth can help clean surface stains at the same time; can effectively mobilize pet emotions and relieve depression.

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