5 thoughts on “What kind of milk is suitable for newborn puppies?”

  1. 1. Feed sheep milk conditions. Milk and goat milk is not a necessary nutrition for dogs, so there is no need to drink it for dogs. But if parents have to drink them, they can give a small amount as depending on the situation.

    2. Compared with milk, dogs are much better to drink goat milk. As early as the "Compendium of Materia Medica", it was mentioned: "Miaowei Gan Sheep milk is non -toxic, moisturizing the heart and lungs, nourishing the lungs, nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the lungs. Kidney qi. "Chinese medicine has always regarded goat milk as a food that is particularly beneficial to the lungs and trachea. Modern studies have found that the structure of goat milk is similar to human milk. The molecular particles are small only one -third of the milk. It is easy to digest and absorb. It is shorter than milk digestion, it is not easy to get angry, and nutrition is no less than milk.

    3. Sheep milk contains nutrients, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B and other nutrients that are richer than milk, which can better supplement nutrition. healthy. For dogs, the nutritional content of goat milk is recently like breast milk in nature, and has been hailed as the "king of milk" by the international nutrition academic community.

    Special prompts
    It if your dog has any flatulence or diarrhea after drinking milk or goat milk, you should stop immediately and stop drinking this kind of milk.

  2. Newborn puppy is suitable for drinking goat milk. As the name implies, sheep milk is the milk of sheep. Sheep milk is regarded as a boutique in dairy with its nutritional and easy to absorb the advantages. It is called the "king of milk". It is the closest dairy of human milk in the world.

  3. The newborn puppy is suitable for drinking ordinary milk. There is no big taboos. Just pay attention to it. When you pick up girls, you cannot soak too thick or put sugar. Different.

  4. The puppy can drink milk products, but it is worth noting that eating must be very particular, otherwise it will be counterproductive, causing bad reactions, but it will be harmful to the dog.

    The dairy product, goat milk basically all puppies can drink, and some puppies in milk will be thinner when drinking, not the difference between milk and goat milk, but the dog's gastrointestinal Problems that are adaptive or not

  5. Newborn puppies are preferably breastfeeding. If there is no condition, feed pure milk. It is best not to change milk. If you change milk, puppy is easy to diarrhea.

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