How about the dog pet shop, how much do you know?

With the increase in the number of pets, more and more investors and entrepreneurs have aimed at the opportunity to invest in joining pet stores and get a piece of cake in the pet industry. How much do you think of the dog pet shop? Intersection

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  1. First, people in first -tier cities work and live a lot greater than those in second -tier cities, so the spiritual world will become more empty and lonely. The appearance of pets, to some extent, can effectively lack the spiritual lack of modern people. Therefore, opening a pet shop in a big city is quite good.
    Secondly, open a pet shop, you must use the successful experience of others, so that you will take a lot of detours, so that you can lose less funds and let yourself see the funds more quickly.
    Third, there is no experience and professional technology to open the store yourself, and you will soon lose the trust of customers. As long as a large pet franchise store can give you enough technical support, so that you will not be afraid of encountering sick pets.
    Fourth, franchise stores will also have special operation guidance, which will not allow entrepreneurs to explore successful experiences during the opening period. This is very slow to return funds, but if professional training and guidance, they will Can block this problem. Funding is very important in the eyes of entrepreneurs, so there must be no problems in this area.
    In all, it is not difficult to find that you want to open a professional pet shop that wants to open a professional pet shop to join to join, so that the earnings are the largest.

  2. I will answer questions from the following aspects:
    The first, scale choice. Investment in pet hospitals cannot be blindly followed. It is necessary to choose the scale suitable for the development of your own pet hospital according to the actual situation of the area and the size of the store operations and the size of the store. There are relevant regulations for opening a pet hospital. The store area must not be less than 200 square meters. In addition, in the purchase of the equipment, you must also learn the company to spend the money on the blade.
    The selection of the store address. The choice of pet hospital addresses is the same as the choice of pet shop address. It is the basic point of the future profit of pet hospitals. A good store can save a lot of publicity costs and even achieve more effort. Before the site selection, you must do a good job of investigation. Choosing the location suitable for your own store will be a higher level for the profit of the future store.
    Third, the rent of the store. Store rents in different regions will be different according to the economic development level of different regions, but the differences are relatively large. Like the first -tier cities in Shanghai, the rent of the store will be relatively improved, but with the increase in consumption level, the price of all service items in the corresponding storefront will also increase. The problem of store rent will be different according to the area where you open the store.
    Fourth, hardware equipment and medical equipment. A good pet hospital has good hardware equipment and medical equipment. At the same time, the configuration of these equipment must be comprehensive and high -end, because medical hardware is the most basic guarantee for ensuring the effect of medical effects. A good pet hospital, such as the operating table, shadow lamp, disinfection cabinet, disinfection device cabinet, etc., are all ready, and should be placed and set in accordance with the relevant provisions of animal hospitals.
    Fifth, drug source. Pet hospital's drug source must be formal. Pet hospital drugs are the basis for the quality of medical quality. Do not enter some fake medicines for saving money and cheapness. Black, at the same time, people no longer bring pets to the hospital for treatment.
    It hope to help you, hope to adopt it!

  3. If you join a good brand, the head store can bring us the experience and resources of the pet shop. It is very helpful to the people we just joined the industry. For example:: site selection, decoration design, customer upload, management system, later store promotion and marketing plan. The effect of joining is great, it can save a lot of time and save the cost that should not be spent.
    The biggest advantage of pet franchise stores is to take the successful experience of other people's opening to open the store. There are many problems with the process of opening the pet shop, but we have experienced it, but it has been experienced, and we are so easy to open our own profit pet shop faster.

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