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  1. Teddy in menstruation has the following two performances.
    First, the female dog will flow red liquid. The biggest feature is that the phenomenon of swelling, redness, bleeding, etc., and mucus discharge.
    The second, Teddy during menstruation may not be so peaceful, it seems a little irritable, and he is unwilling to eat. At this time, in addition to being seriously trapped when going out, it is also necessary to prepare foods that are rich in nutrition, good taste, and digestible food.
    The general physiological period of dogs will last for 7 days to 14 days. When the dog is in a special period of the physiological period, the owner needs to pay attention to let the dog take a bath to avoid infection with bacteria due to the opening of the vulva.

  2. Hello!
    Axue analysis: 1. Teddy usually comes with menstruation for 8-10 months. 2. There is a precursor, and the place where urination will swell, as if it is inflamed. There is no precursor to pet treasure itself. 3. It will definitely be everywhere at home. When you go out in the morning and evening, you can put on physiological pants for your pet treasure when you are at home during the day. Taobao and pet shops are generally sold. About half a month is gone.
    Rehabilitation guidance: It is recommended not to take a bath during menstrual period, keep warm and avoid excessive exercise. Thank you for your consultation!
    Thank you for your attention to asking about the disease. I wish you health!

  3. Dogs will be more sticky than usual.
    It dogs will come for a holiday when the dog is in estrus. During the holiday, the dog's vulva will swell, and blood or pink sticky secretions will flow out of the vulva. Many dogs will be more sticky than usual in the process of estrus, and they are eager to go out. Seeing other dogs will be more proactive. Some dogs even respond to the owner's touch.
    Pukr's first menstruation will show the swelling of peach and redness, and flowing out of the sour smell of blood mucus, bright eyes, and restlessness.

  4. It will be more sticky, the temper will not be good, I often hug, it is easy to sleep, and I love to sleep. [Obviously, my rose is that I usually crawl there when I jump alive. ] It seems nothing else.
    If attention to keep warm, if the dog is not comfortable at that time, it is recommended not to take a walk], and wearing physiological pants [Do n’t wear it if you do n’t wear it, you can wear it if you wear a dog. Let her go out. Otherwise, it is easy to be matched with other dogs. [Actually, the dog will lick it yourself because the amount is not large]

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