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  1. There are the following small dogs suitable for domestic, such as common teddy, Bear, Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Mini Dubin, Malzis, Jingba, Shihtha, Sherry. Teddy and Bear, the two dogs, are two popular varieties. Teddy and Bear are more lively, cute, and loved ones, and they are very beautiful after finishing the shape.
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    . Dog (Latin canis lupus) belongs to the spinal animal doors, vertebrates, mammalian, real beast subclase, carnivores, cracks, dogs, dogs, animals Essence Chinese is also known as "dogs", and dogs are distributed around the world. Dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are called "six beasts". Some scientists believe that dogs are domesticated from early humans from the ash wolf, and the domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is the pet with the highest breeding rate, and its life span is about 12-18 years. In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.
    . The dog is domesticated from the wolf. As early as the era of hunting collection, people have already domesticated dogs as assistants when hunting. Therefore, dogs are the earliest domesticated livestock. Hebei Wu'an Mountain, Henan Xinzheng Pei Gang, Zhejiang Yuyao Hemu and other sites have found dog bones, which proves that its domestication history is long.
    . The dog shape unearthed from Sanli River in Jiao County, Shandong, is vivid and realistic, so that we can see the morphological characteristics of the new stone instrumental family dogs. The dog bones unearthed from the Banpo site of Xi'an, Shaanxi have small skulls, protruding from the forehead, small kettle teeth, and bent at the edge of the jaw bone. It is very different from the North China wolf, which shows that the history of human domesticated dogs is indeed very early.
    . No one knows when the first interaction between people and the wolf happened. Some scientists believe that it may be 50,000 years ago, because it takes at least so long for the wild wolf to develop today's genetic differences. At that time, people and wild wolves were distributed in many places on the surface of the earth, and the evolutionary process may occur in several different areas.
    5. The current types of dogs in the world originated from the domestication of domesticated wolves in the south of the Yangtze River Basin in China. (Peter Saverlainen, a scientist of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, confirmed the origin and time of dogs).
    . The origin of the biology of dogs can be traced back to tens of millions of years ago. The history of the domestication of dogs was about 15,000 years ago. 100,000 years ago, dogs have been domesticated by humans. The genome of human beings for the first time was earlier in 2005 -it was even earlier than researchers used genetic tools to track the earliest homeland of dogs.

  2. Husky, Labrador, Teddy, Bear and so on.
    recognized three major offensive animals, golden retriever, Labrador, Husky, the breeding environment requires a lot, suitable for fed young people with strong body. Cute small dogs, teddy, bichon, etc., are suitable for feeding the small and weak and petite elderly and children. There are many varieties of domestic care. The owner can buy according to his own love. In daily feeding, you must give it nutritious dog food, regularly deworming and vaccination for it, and prevent the disease. grow up.
    The dogs suitable for home support generally have the characteristics of docile, not hairy, noisy, and hair care. However, according to the owner's economic conditions, breeding environment, breeding owners, and different loves that are suitable for home support, there are also different animals.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer my dear hello, welcome to consult me, I am honored to meet you. Now I see your question, I will edit the answer, please wait a moment for you to serve you immediately.nHello dear, I am honored to answer you. 1 Bomei Dog: Pomeranian is called the world's most lovely pet dog, and it is also a puppy with a high value. Many families will choose to raise Bomei dogs, which will increase more fun. The small body of the small body is white and looks more cute. But the biggest disadvantage of this puppy is that he likes noise and is stubborn.n2. Xi Shi Dog: The Shi Shi dog is more beautiful and dressed like a Barbie doll. This dog originated from Tibet and was raised in the Lama Temple is a kind of puppy watching. This small dog is often taken out by humans. It looks a bit like a little lion and a cute puppy.n3. VIP: One of the most beautiful dogs in the top ten dogs. This kind of poodle is often more cute by the owner, and is a kind of fancayer.n4. Butterfly Dog: The ears of the butterfly dog ​​look more cute like a butterfly, and the appearance of high appearance is relatively smart. Although it looks small, it seems that there is no aggressiveness, but this dog's self -protection ability is compared Strong, with a strong keenal power, if you raise such a pet dog in your home, you will also add some fun to life.n5. Labrador Hound: Labrador Hound is a relatively docile puppy. It is a kind of puppy who likes to stick to the owner and is suitable for home. In the top ten dogs, Latabrado hunting likes to amuse and the owner. The puppy who is very smart, is the ideal puppy of the family.n6. Teddy: Teddy is a kind of pet dog that many people like. The hair on the head can dress different shapes, and the ears are hanging down. After cutting the hair for short hair, it is more lovely. This puppy is a more popular little pet dog. It likes to move and has a better temperament.n7. Chihuahua: Chihuahua is a kind of cute puppy. The big body with large eyes is white. It is said that they can be a protector of religion and a good friend of human beings. This kind of small animal is more flattering. It is a family ideal pet dog in the top ten dogs.n8. Golden Mao: Golden Retriever is a dog that is more loyal to the owner and likes to play with children. A more active animal is very smart and cute. Many men prefer golden retrievers and they are friendly and passionate. It is very friendly by people as a guide dog and pet dog.n9. Shiba Inu: Shiba Inu is a kind of older dog, which has a more active sense. This kind of puppy is more friendly to people is a kind of little pet that humans like. Moreover, Shiba Inu can be a kind of puppy who can see the home for a strong alert to see the home.n10 Corgi: Corgi is a protective dog suitable for children. This kind of puppy is smarter and smart. It is a very popular pet dog. They are very courageous. It is possible to protect their homes. They are a kind of puppy with a gentle nature.nThe above is all my answers, I hope to help you. At the same time, I wish you a happy life and convenient life. After the consultation is over, give me a praise ~ Thank you, Moma [Happy].nMore 10nBleak

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