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  1. Raising dogs and disturbances can report through the alarm, complain to the competent ecological environment department, or prosecute to the people's court. According to relevant laws and regulations: If the raising animal interferes with the normal life of others, it will be warned; if the warning does not correct it, or the animals will intimidate others, it will be fined more than 500 yuan to 500 yuan.
    What should I do if I encounter a neighbor's raising dogs
    1. First communicate with the pet dog owner, friendly consultation, let the owner tune and give a certain time;
    2, if you communicate with the pet dog owner, Can't solve it, you can find the property for mediation, give pressure, no need to be anonymous, you can come to the door again to explain the advantages and disadvantages;
    3, if the property mediation is also invalid, it can basically be confirmed as a neighbor, and the police can be dealt with directly. The mediation is mainly, but when the number of mediation reaches many times, the police will make fines or more seriously recover the pet dog for processing.
    The legal basis: Article 75 of the "Punishment of Public Security Management Penalty of the People's Republic of China"
    It breeding animals and disturbing the normal life of others shall be warned; Fined fines of less than 500 yuan.
    It that drives animals to hurt others, punishment shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 43 of this Law.
    Article 76
    The actions of Article 67, 68, and 70 of this law, if repeatedly taught and not changed, may take mandatory education measures in accordance with national regulations.

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