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  1. 1. Dubai police only drive super high -end cars: Everyone is talking about their Lamborghini and Bentley, but in fact they also have ordinary cars, such as Toyota, Audi and so on.
    2, Black Diamond Ice Cream in Dubai, priced at 5,130 yuan.
    3, Dubai is automated: Although technology is omnipresent, robots can also be seen in many places, but the drainage system in life is not so convenient.
    4. The luxury car in the ground was abandoned
    This on the streets of Dubai stopped a large number of luxury cars full of loess cars and unattended. Some car owners also left the car key "intimately". Watching the luxury cars such as Ferrari and Porsche stopped on the side of the road, netizens shouted that it was stunned. In the good willingness of environmental protection, many netizens said that they wanted to go to Dubai to pick up the car.
    5, Dubai is composed of towering buildings: Although everyone is impressed by high -rise buildings, in fact, most of the houses are ordinary dwarf houses, and locals like to live in villas without neighbors.
    6. In order to encourage the public to send gold in a bus
    On October 27, 2014, in order to celebrate the public transportation day on November 1st, the public took public transportation and had the opportunity to get 4 kg of 4 kg. gold. As a event that celebrates public transport Day, if the Dubai people can abandon private cars in the next week and use public transportation such as subway and buses to travel, they will have the opportunity to get 4 kg through the lottery and other surprises to get 4 kg of 4 kg. gold. It is reported that the authorities will send prizes including $ 275,000 in total in their inside value.

  2. When you hear the name "Dubai", what is your first reaction, do you feel that this name represents "rich" and "golden glitter", and even many people shouted the slogan: "I want to go to Dubai to pick up trash trash ! "I have to say that Dubai is really rich, so do you know what extent they have money? Usually, we have cats and dogs, and the Dubai people are leopard and tigers repeatedly; Dubai people are embarrassed to go out without opening luxury cars; You can see how rich Dubai is.

    It Dubai does not support ordinary pets
    For Dubai people, they also like pets very much, but their pets will be a "big" word, and this "big" will also be. It means that they are leopard, tigers, and even camels and other animals we usually see in the zoo. For such "pets", we can't afford to raise them. After all, we may not buy it. Moreover, these pets' usual foods and care are not affordable for ordinary people.

    In Dubai, luxury cars can be seen everywhere
    In Dubai, casual people may have a dozen, or even dozens of luxury cars. For us ordinary people, having a luxury car is a very difficult thing. Usually maintaining a car, it is necessary to send a lot of money, and Dubai luxury cars can be seen everywhere. Take Jackie Chan's filming in Dubai as an example. At that time, the luxury cars were sponsored by the tyrants of Dubai. They sponsored dozens of units at once, and a certain car was broken.

    The "hero" in Dubai is not only reflected in these people. Our usual vegetable market is some fruits and vegetables, some very cheap and common foods. In Dubai, the vegetable market is full of mountains and sea flavors. On the streets of Dubai, the trash cans are all LV; the ATM machines are inlaid, so you say that Dubai has no money!

  3. 1. The vegetable market is "not close to the people":
    In Dubai, even the cabinet is placed in the vegetable market. Some good seafood samples on the finished products are placed in the counter. Seafood fish are all. People can book seafood by looking at the color of the sample. You only need to tell the staff how much you need. The quality assurance is superior, which is no different from the selection of you. However, the price makes many people sigh, and the price of many seafood reaches more than 200 yuan per catty.
    2, "Shark" as delicious:
    It in the vegetable market in Dubai, even sharks can be seen everywhere, and they are piled up into small mountains. The sharks are in the sea near Dubai, and the number of sharks is much more than other places, and it will not be captured. Shark meat tastes very special, and it is very complicated to handle. It will change the taste when it is not handled. Therefore, many of these sharks are sold in the local hotel. Relief to enjoy the rich people.
    3, the police officer in Dubai is Lamborghini:
    In fact, most of the car in Dubai's urban area is mostly BMW, Jeep Prado, Nissan XTERA, and Dubai's high -speed patrol police officers are more luxurious and more luxurious. BMW M5, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Komaro, Mercedes -Benz, Aston Martin, etc.

  4. Dubai is not as rich as external legends. At most, it can only be said that local people are not too poor, but not everyone is rich. 85%of the foreigners are mixed with fish and dragons, and everything from the bottom to local tyrants. In short -please treat Dubai as an ordinary international city.
    Is about the house prices in Dubai are not as expensive in China (in fact, house prices in the world may not be more expensive than China), the average price is about 20-30,000 yuan per square meter, about 2-3 tier cities in China, about 2-3 tier cities in China. s price.

  5. In the end, Dubai is rich enough to drink yogurt and does not lick the yogurt cover, cut fruit cutting only a little bit in the middle, and the toilet toilet is made of gold and the same style.

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