5 thoughts on “What should I do if the puppy accidentally drank some wine?”

  1. Why is there nothing after my family drinks? Intersection Um. Essence It turns out that the dog's world can also drink and not drink. Essence
    I have to pay attention to it next time, you are too terrible. Essence

    The stomach recovers, one capsule each time, three times a day. Can stop vomiting.
    Is to use mommy hobbies, small amounts, three times a day, can protect the intestinal mucosa.
    State, feed glucose water and light salt water to supplement the electrolyte. In addition, glucose water can help solve the wine. Feed more water.

    Thisy white porridge after not spitting or pulling, and then feeding two yeast slices to help digestion.

    Well, there are no big problems. Essence

  2. It's okay, don't worry, just finish, just finish the vomiting. You don't have to take it to the hospital to talk about money. The next day, you can feed less.

  3. Give it more water, or try it. If you have tofu at home, give it some tofu, hangover
    . This situation is not much problem, but wine stimulates the dog's gastrointestinal

  4. If you drink less, it ’s okay. If the dog vomits, it eats something that is uncomfortable with the body, and it will spit out things by using vomiting.
    Hefed it with water, or feed fresh sugar water or glucose to mix water to help break the alcohol.

  5. depressed. Don't be tight. Just spit it out after drinking.
    If the dog is also pulled, give some earthencycin.
    It to pay attention not to give the dog a little bit in the future.
    This dogs started to play crazy after drinking liquor some time ago. It's okay when you wake up.

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