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  1. Welsh Corgi PEMBROKE, nicknamed Cardigan Wales Corgi, is a small dog, ears, tan eyes are ovate, the chest gradually becomes thinner, the fluff layer is short and thick, and the outside The layer is long and rough. It is native to Britain. It is friendly, brave and bold, gentle, and easy to train, and soon can adapt to home life.

    Chinese name
    Wels Corgi dog

    English name
    Welsh Corgi PEMBROKE
    n British

    (public) about 12kg, (mother) about 11kg
    n size

    The animal world


  2. The name of the Wils Corgi dog comes from the meaning of the petite dog "CORRCI". This dog has two variants of Panbuluk dog and Cadanken dog. Although the body shape is petite, it has always been loved by senior people. From the 12th century Charlie I to the current Queen Elizabeth II, the Wede Cocky Dog has always been a pet of the British royal family. In 1107, the dog breed carried by French workers. According to the head of the fox, some people think that the relationship between the dog and the sharp -mouth dog's ancestor is closely related. Mating with Swedish short -footed dogs and indigenous dogs, which transmitted to Sweden to Wrise, produced a dog breed that was good at cows when the Corgi Dog. When the hometown of the heel was bite, the dog could escape at a very fast speed. In 1934, the British officially recognized the Panbuluk dog and the Cadan Ken dog as two different varieties. It is most suitable for children. It is alert to strangers and can be used as guard dogs. It has been used for pastoral cattle and likes to bite things everywhere. Mao can bounce the water, and the hair should be combed every day.
    The head: the head cover is flat and wide, the forehead angle is moderate, the nose is black.
    Ear: medium size size , Establishing, a rough round.
    Eye: medium size and round, color is tea color, coordinated with hair. The expression looks like a fox.
    Body .
    On hair: medium length, quite dense, hairy oil sable color, mustard, black and brown, part of which is white. Corgi dog's chest looks like a bib, which does not have other varieties.
    : short, strong and strong bone.
    Foots: oval, short claws, strong toe toes, and a long bulge of toes. The two fingers in the middle are longer than the outside. : Naturally short -tailed popular, otherwise break the tail.
    Height: 25 ~ 31 cm

  3. 1/5 Stepwing
    Choosing Corgi puppies. In fact, like choosing people, looking at the spirit, of course, it is given priority to observe the appearance! Most of the coat color of Corgi puppies.
    The hair color is smooth and shiny, and there is no mixed color on the body is a better Corgi puppy. If you still do n’t understand, it ’s very simple. You can choose a good one.
    Then we look at the spirit to see if the Corgi puppies are very lively and active, which means that the Corgi puppies are very healthy.
    Then we are observing the eyes of Corgi's puppies, whether the eyes are beautiful, whether the eyes are bright, and whether it can get along with people naturally
    Finally, let's observe the body of Corgi's puppies. Whether the figure is good, not bloated, whether the back is smooth, and whether the hair color is beautiful.

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