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  1. List of simulated zombie goats to unlock all sheep unlocking methods
    It in simulated the latest version of the goat simulation zombie goat players can unlock different sheep by satisfying some specific conditions, here to bring you a simulated zombie goat all sheep all sheep all sheep Unlock the strategy, everyone quickly unlock these sheep and then destroy it!

    Human sheep unlock conditions: survival mode can be obtained on the third day, the attack position is low, it is not suitable for survival, it can be used for use for it for survival. Installation

    has no skills

    Sepaton unlock conditions: survival mode to live on the fifth day to get

    Generate speed, love to die, friends can use more

    The unlocking conditions of alpaca sheep: Eight days of survival

    skill spitting water, can knock down zombies, no harm r r r r r

    Model sheep unlocking conditions: ten days of survival

    press POW keys in the air to accumulate for self -explosion, super -repelled, no harm, but sometimes it will be blown out of the world. The frying is floating, the frying is super high and it can't fall ...

    Miss sheep's real name is plastic sheep

    R n
    The skill produces a bunch of Chihua dolls, sometimes you can trip zombies

    To Duoyang unlocking conditions: survive and kill forty zombies, (sheep are not counted).

    To multi -sheep skills can shoot a shot to reduce the zombie head and have no harm

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