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  1. If you want to raise a dog at home, you must be serious and responsible for it, and you must understand some basic common sense in advance, so as to make you get along happily.
    In observing the dog's move, be careful. Like a dog just when you first come to the new environment, you will inevitably have a little nervousness and anxiety. Don't keep it entangled or forcibly hold it. You can let it adapt to the environment first and see what it looks like. It does not speak. The best way is to observe the dog's tail. The obvious features are: happy to shake the tail, the body fatigue is hanging, and if you are in a bad mood, you will swing under the buttocks. At the same time, you must avoid it. Dogs have stress reactions.

    Pungeon diet and cleaning. Don't give it some meals we usually eat after raising dogs, because what we eat is high -salt foods. Dogs often eat a certain burden on the kidneys, and it will also lose hair. Take a few hundred dollars per month for dog food to eat dog food, because the nutritional ingredients contained in dog food are also comprehensive, but be sure not to buy a miscellaneous brand. Although it is cheap, there is no nutritional nutrition after eating it. Essence

    It can eat dog food and then match some cans. This can make the body's nutrition absorb more balanced. You can also buy some meat and cook it yourself, but remember not to put salt. Then it is to take a bath for the dogs. Be sure to pay attention not to the frequency of bathing too high, because the fur of the dog itself will prevent bacteria. If you often take a bath, you will reduce the dog's immunity and it will be easy to get sick. It is enough to take a bath, and it must be regular, so that the dog will be healthy.

  2. Many families now like to raise small pets, and dogs are the most popular one, because dogs are more human, and the most basic instructions are human loyal partners.
    But before we raise dogs, we have to confirm. Whether we have time to take care of it, take it out every day, take a bath regularly, or make delicious food for it. So when we are not ready to raise it, don't make decisions easily, because choosing to be responsible to the end.
    This is a life, not a kind of emotional impulse. After choosing a dog, the most important thing to pay attention to is the cleanliness of the family. Because the dogs often have the wind on the wind, there will inevitably be some small bugs on the body. Therefore, the dog -raising family must perform the hygienic cleaning of the ground twice a day. And when the dog returns home from the outside, even if you don't give it a bath, you need to wash its four feet. But after washing your feet, you must pay a little attention to it, that is, you must use a hair dryer to blow all the hair, otherwise it will cause various symptoms of dermatitis.
    So after taking a shower at home, we should not wait for it to air dry naturally. We must use a hair dryer to blow all their hair. Dog food is mainly based on dog food. Although we can usually make some chicken liver and chicken head, it is best not to let it eat human food, because dogs can't eat too salty things.
    This to eat too much salty taste will be discharged from their tears, so eating too salty is not good for the body. Each year goes to the clinic to give them insecticide medicine. If the dogs are less than one year old, they must give them a prevention needle to treat them like their children.

  3. Raising dogs, to understand dogs, that is the love dog!
    This dogs and dogs feel that they have raised for so long. They must know the dogs. No matter what the dog does, you know what it wants to do, but do you really know the dog?
    01, dog licking yourself does not love clean
    "Many novices of pet dogs will introduce to others:" My dog ​​loves cleanliness, it can always use my tongue to sort out myself to sort by themselves by myself Hair saves a lot of my heart. "
    The thought is really wrong. The most wrong thing is that you have a dog, not a cat. It is also constantly licking your fur. The meaning is very different from the cat.
    When your dog repeatedly licks any part of your body, there is only one meaning: there is a disease. There are two possibilities: either the body is sick or psychologically psychologically. Disease.
    The dog's skin is lesion or is traumatized by external forces. The dog will use his own tongue to clean up the wound and wounds.
    If the dog's skin is healthy, then the dog is reminding the dog's reminder You: Master, I feel stress, and my psychology is in a state of tension for a long time. I found that this situation, as the owner, can find the source of the stress as soon as possible and solve the problem. Otherwise The psychological state deteriorates, it is likely to lick your skin, and then lick the meat, and then lick the bones ... This statement is by no means alarmist!
    02, the dog licks others, it may not be shown
    The people to hold others' puppies and enjoy the dogs with their tongues when they play.
    P. even show off to others: "See, I have more fate with it, and it likes me. "In fact, the opposite is just the opposite, but in the face of the" behemoth "like you, it lacks the courage and determination to resist.
    This dogs must not be clean. .
    In the dog's world, except for the behavior between mother and child, only the low status dogs to lick the dog with a high status
    This person, but due to the situation judgment, it has to temporarily surrender to this person. When we touch the strangers or embrace the fear, you will lick people's hands and collect your information.

  4. The education of the dog

    As early as 10,000 years ago, the dog was raised by humans and lived with humans, so it can be said to be the closest partner of human beings. In short, dogs are a kind of obedient and smart animal that has been loved by people for thousands of years.

    has developed a good habit after thousands of years of education, but if the dog is in a wild state and does not contact others at all, it will be affected by its nature. , Make all kinds of behaviors beyond human imagination, so in order to keep your dogs from disrupting the order of society and family, and getting along well with your family, you need to learn the minimum rules and slow down it to slow down it. Slow habit.

    The owner is the leader

    This dogs are like raising children. The owner has a dog leader. touch.

    The obedience to the leader's command operation is the habit of the dog. The dog will write down the command expressed by the owner in language or action and make reflex actions. Treat the dog with a simple and easy -to -understand attitude. In this way, the dog's spiritual stability and easy education can be educated.

    In short, the owner must fully understand the dog's psychology and based on love.

    The childcare from a young age

    The ideal thing for raising dogs is to teach all the habits within one year of birth. This is the principle of "ironing while hot". Once the dog's habit is determined, the dog's habits have been determined, so it often costs more than twice the endurance and time to teach one thing.

    A birth of about two months of birth, puppy can leave the mother's self -activity. At this time, he should let him learn to urinate for three months. Various education.

    The first teach it to urinate

    The first step of education is to start from the toilet. If the indoor dog is raised, put a sleeping shop in the fence or dog house, and put a newspaper in another corner.

    The dog originally likes clean animals. It will never bowel to the place where you sleep, and you will definitely crawl out to the newspaper to defecate. Immediately change the new newspaper and let it learn to defecate on the newspaper.

    It outside the dog house and fence, a dog toilet with newspapers should also be prepared to make it defecate there.

    At this time, as long as some newspapers with a slightly urine flavor are left in it, the puppy knows that it is its own taste, so you will go to the bowel movement.

    If the puppy defecates at a non -designated place, it should immediately rebuke on the spot and take it to the right place. This is important to grasp the time, otherwise the puppy will not know what to do wrong?

    , in addition, if the owner does not pay attention, or it may not keep the bowel clean, or it is not unprecedented, or it has not been unprepared, or it has not been unprepared, or it is not unprepared. Combined with the size of the dog's size, it often causes the puppy to urinate along the place. In short, a dirty owner will reflect his habit on the dog, so the owner must do his own responsibility to have a dog that is educated.

    The mention that as long as the puppy defecates in the right place, the owner must touch the dog and praise it as a "good child". With praise, the dog can be happy. In other words, the basics of raising the dog is to make the dog clearly understand the right and wrong things.

    In the stage of education and defecation, as long as you use rebukes and praise at the same time, then the next education will be easy to handy.

    Mura puppies will defecate when they wake up, and they will defecate after meals, so they should pay special attention from the beginning and teach patiently. After about two to three days, they will naturally learn.

    It when starting with puppy, it is best to take it out in the morning (never in the evening), and let it defecate in a certain place for two consecutive weeks, so that it can develop a good habit.

    In short, teaching dog defecation is the first step in education. As long as you can do this, it means that the first stage of education is successful.

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