How can I buy a pet rabbit, where should I buy in Shantou?

Depressed, it's a meat rabbit. Essence How much is the price of pet rabbits?

3 thoughts on “How can I buy a pet rabbit, where should I buy in Shantou?”

  1. There are pet shops across the gate of Zhongshan Park, which are sold, but rabbits are not easy to serve and are easy to die. Remember that the dishes in the vegetable market should be asked clearly. Some of them have pesticides.

  2. There are many places. Remember that there are many pet rabbits and pet dogs near the pedestrian street. The small one has not asked the price, but it should be cheap. But it should be easy to DIE.

  3. Pet rabbits are dominated by the Dutch ominated rabbits, and the price of the young baby in Hangzhou is around 150. You can see the relatively large pet shop, generally there are.

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