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  1. The most humane dog
    The most human dogs say that dogs are very human. Dogs are good friends of our human beings, so many people will raise one or two dogs and dogs. Not only can we accompany us to spend a long time, but also feel the most humane dog with us.
    The most human dogs 1 1. Labrado

    Labrador is a kind of dog with a high IQ, which is more humane, so Labrador often uses it as a way to serve as If the working dog serves the people in the society, if the emotional cultivation between Labrado and the owner is good, Labrador will always be with the owner and give up.
    2. Golden Retriever

    Golden retriever is also a dog that is chosen by many people as pet dogs. It is convenient, there are not so many rules, whether it is a house or a working dog, it is a very good choice.
    3. Border Shepherd Dog

    The border Shepherd is a dog type of the Carey Shepherd Dog. , Strong learning ability and strong understanding, so it will be very domesticated and can cultivate it to make some instructions.
    4. Poodle

    The poodle is a kind of dogs that girls like to raise very much. They are also called lady dogs and rolling dogs. French people like poodles very much, and some girls now like this small dog that can hold in their arms. The hair is very soft.
    5. German shepherds

    Need shepherd dogs are a large dog. This large dog can give people a sense of security, especially girls. The dog, the German shepherd, is called a German wolf dog. Its looks are very fierce, but it is actually very good.
    6. Butterfly dogs

    The butterfly dog ​​is a very high -value dog. Butterfly dogs are often raised at home by people as pet dogs, not only because of cuteness, but also Because it is very human, and the personality is very lively, it requires humans to play from time to time.
    7. Chinese pastoral dogs

    The Chinese pastoral dogs are the unique dogs in my country and the most widely distributed dogs in China. Many people in the countryside like to raise one Only Chinese pastoral dogs, they are very good and humane, can protect their homes and scare away those who have no attempts.
    8. Akita dogs

    Akita dogs are a dog from Japan and a large dog. This dog's looks are very thick and cute, and the round face is very pleasing. And Akita Dog is a natural commemorative country designated in Japan. Only the royal family could raise Akita dogs before.
    9. Rowaline Dog

    Rowalner dog is a very strong dog, so the Rowalina dogs are often used as military dogs and can be used as military dog ​​training In, IQ is generally higher. Army dogs will not have a stupid dog like Husky, and the Rowalina dogs are very full of feelings.
    10. Dobersso

    Doberman is a large dog. Its IQ in dogs is also at the forefront of the world. Doberman is often used as a military dog ​​training It is very good to get along with humans, and it is also very convenient to train, but does not like to stay with other dogs.
    The most human dog 2 Chinese rural dogs
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are my country's excellent dog species, commonly known as native dogs. The kind of life, and its high physical fitness, the ability to adapt to the environment, and very smart. It is one of the most "human" dogs. It is really worrying to raise a Chinese rural dog.
    Border shepherd dogs
    The borders shepherd dogs are a kind of Keli shepherd dog. It has a strong shepherd instinct. It is intelligent and good at observing words. It is a 7 -year -old child comparable to humans, and it is one of the most "human" dogs. As long as you really treat it, you will determine you.
    Ne shepherds
    I believe that everyone is no stranger to German Shepherd. It is an excellent military police dog and the best family partner dog, also called "German black back" and "German wolf dog" , Agile and smart, ranked third in the dog industry, and it is also one of the most "human" dogs. If you really treat it, you will only determine you in your life.

    Ity Teddy is just a beauty method, but its appearance is cute, loved by many pet owners, and its personality is very lively and can be active everywhere. It is easy to get close to it. Its IQ is second only to the border shepherd. The pet owner who has raised it knows that it is also one of the dogs that are very "human". As long as you treat it well, it will treat you well.
    Labrador is a medium and large dog with a docile personality and high IQ. It is very suitable for dog breeds as guide dogs and other working dogs. One of the non -offensive dog breeds. In life, it can understand human mind and cooperate with the most "humanity" dog.
    but Labrador is eaten too much, it is easy to fat, and obesity is a threat of health. Therefore, the pet owner usually pays attention to feeding the amount of feeding, avoiding obesity and various diseases. It affects good health. If your family is obese, it is recommended that the owner should control the feeding appropriately, or you can choose to feed some low -fat dog food for it.
    This dogs are like raising children, so don't be free to choose dog food for dogs. It is important to choose a high -quality dog ​​food. In fact, it is also simple to choose. Essence
    The most human dog 3 TOP1, Chinese idyllic dog
    Life expectancy: 12-20 years, even longer
    Personality: smart, police police, loyalty, independent n advantages: r advantages:
    1. It has a strong adaptability. It is several times more physical than that of ordinary pet dogs. It is strong and strong, and does not picky eaters. It is the most important thing to cause great damage to it.
    2. It believes that everyone's loyalty to the owner believes in everyone's eyes, remember it, and always serve as the role of protecting the owner, and the ability of the home nursing homes is first -class.
    3. To talk about human dogs, it must be indispensable for the Chinese pastoral dog. It understands the thoughts of human beings most, can also understand the owner's emotions, understand the owner's mood, and give the owner comfort and companionship.

    TOP2, Akita dog
    Life expectancy: 10-15 years
    Personality: vigilance, loyalty, brave and fearless
    advantages The Akita dog is very quiet and will not bark casually. This is excellent for the pet owner living in the community and other places. It will not disturb the people, and the pet owner is more assured.
    2. Everyone should know that the loyal dogs are eight. Akita dogs have a high degree of loyalty to the owner. It can be said that they only vowed to recognize only one owner, and cherish it!

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