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  1. Iliests:
    Ip, in fact, the hounds we are talking about are divided into hunting dogs and gun hounds. The patrol hounds, of course, have their own characteristics of all kinds of dog species above. So far, there is no absolute first one, but there are still some outstanding hunting dogs.
    1. I believe that the first thing that everyone will think of hounds is the Erlang Sagno Heaven Dog in the TV series "Journey to the West". The prototype of Xiaotian Dog is actually a fine dog in China. First, muscles, strong body, look like deer, sensitive smell, fast running speed, especially when hunting, the attack and killing ability are strong.
    2, the second is the Du Gao dog from Argentina. It is said that it is known as the "king of hunting dogs" in Argentina and is known as the most perfect hound in the world. Du Gao Dog was also used as a fight for dogs in the early days, and has now become a good family partner dog. Du Gao not only has a strong physique, but also has a very good personality. He is lively, adaptable, strong, but also has a strong sense of territory. He is particularly loyal to the owner. People with Du Gao in Argentina will also use it to hunt large and fierce animals such as wild boars and lions. From this point of view, Du Gao's king of hunting dogs is not a name.

    3, another hunting dog that originated in Egypt but more ancient, the more noble blood tradition is that the rabbit is very good. The king hunting is called a national beast by some countries, and its status can be seen.
    4, in addition, there is also a more old -fashioned hunter Gree dog that also originated from Egypt. Gree can be said to be the fastest dog in the world today. You can run to 70 kilometers per hour per hour. The prey was easily caught.
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