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  1. That is, the tongue is relatively powerful
    Because the structure of the dog's mouth is different from humans, its chin cannot be completely closed like humans to form sucking action, and it can only be used as a spoon of water with a curved tongue. So it seems that the dog is drinking water in the way of licking.
    Is when drinking water, the dog raises liquid with the tip of the tongue, and then use the tongue to transport the water to the upper jaw so that the dog can drink more water without leakage.
    The habit of the dog:

    1. Dogs are omnivorous animals. They are mainly meat. When feeding, they need to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented by vegetarian ingredients to ensure the dog's normal development and healthy physique.

    2. The dog's digestive tract is shorter than the grassy animals. The content of dog gastric acid hydrochloric acid is the first place in the livestock. In addition, the intestinal wall thickness absorption ability is strong, so it is easy to and suitable for digestion of meat foods.

    3. Dogs are dogs, and they do not chew it when they eat. If you want to feed crude fiber vegetables, it is best to chop or cook the vegetables.

    4. The dog's bowel movement center is not developed and cannot defecate during travel, so we have to give it a certain laxative time.

    5. Dogs like to bite bones. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. We often give it some bones while feeding.

    6. The dog has a unique self -defense ability. After eating toxic food, it can cause vomiting reactions and spit out toxic foods.

    7. In the hot summer, the dog opened his mouth with a big mouth, a long tongue, and evaporated the water to dissipate heat over the tongue.

    8. When the dog lives in the group, there is also a "hierarchical system" and the main relationship. Establishing such a order can maintain the stability of the group and reduce the fighting due to the struggle of food and living space.

    9. When the dog is lying down, he always turns around to see if there is any danger around. After determining that there is no danger, you will sleep with peace of mind.

    10. The dog's neck and back like to be caressed by others. Try not to touch the top of your head, because this will make it feel depressed and dizzy. In addition, the butt and tail cannot be touched.

    11. The guidelines of dogs' behavior to strangers are to judge the strength of the opponent based on the height of their sight. As soon as the stranger approaches, the sense of oppression from above will make it disturbed. If you use a low posture, it will accept you. If the height of its eyes is lower, it will make it more at ease. The dog's weakness is on the right, and it will act to protect the right. When it is chased, it will let your right side against the wall and face the enemy on the left. This habit is the instinct of dogs. Dogs let people look at its belly to express obey and surrender to each other.

    12. There are certain rules in the dog's society, and they will never attack their opponents who show their belly. When the dog lying down at the sky, it means that it is very assured or trusting, so that people can see or make people touch its belly. By the way, there are only human and birds that can violate the commonly agreed animals. Dogs like people who like people, not only because people can take care of it and give it to eat and live. The main reason is that dogs and others are accompanied by people and establishes feelings. Dogs have a strong protection of their owners.

  2. Many people like pets, especially dogs, because dogs are spiritual and obedient, but the dogs are rude and often sprinkled everywhere. This makes many dog ​​lovers a headache. This
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