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  1. Summer golden retriever breeding problem
    The summer golden retriever breeding problem, what do you know? Now more and more people like to raise dogs. Dogs are human friends, but there will be many problems in raising dogs in summer, such as easy to lose hair and do not like to eat. Let me bring you the problem of summer golden retriever breeding. Let ’s work together. Go and see.

    This Summer Golden Mao Dog breeding problem 1. What should I do if the golden retriever does not eat in summer:
    The summer, the more the temperature increases, the weather that is stuffy and sunny, it can easily cause annoying upset Stimulating, we can find the method of heat -eliminating the heat. Golden retrievers are not developed in heat dissipation glands, and they will be more stuffy and hotter.
    The summer is hot, dogs don’t like to eat, what's going on? Why does the dog start not to eat in the hot summer, what to do for dogs who are afraid of hot food in summer Why is the dog refused to eat as soon as the summer is hot. In fact, the problem is very simple. The weather is hot. The dog is very afraid of heat, so there is no appetite, I don’t want to eat, and it is normal. The same
    But if the dog does not eat in the summer, it will lack nutrition and lose weight. In order to keep the dog's nutrition for the dog, give the dog more water quality, for example, squeeze fruits and vegetables into juice, add some ice water, drink the dog, drink more water, boil bones, boil bones The soup is drunk for the dog as water, and the dog food is soaked in yogurt to eat the dog, so that the dog will love to eat it, and you will not refuse to eat it anymore
    If you are uncomfortable, give the dogs eat less and eat less, or give the dog something nutritious. Do not give the dogs to eat hot things. A bowl of water has always been there from morning to night, and drink it for the dog by itself. This is very bad for the dog. Because of the hot weather, the water will become warm after a long time, and the dog must drink cool water It is good to heat dissipation. Then there must be the nutrition of the dog to allow the dog to live a healthy summer
    In more ways to give the dog the heat, so that the golden retriever dog has appetite in summer, you can eat more, you can eat more Click something and add nutrition. This is more capable of resisting summer diseases.
    . The reasons for the hair loss of golden retriever in summer and their treatment methods:
    The summer golden retriever is very troublesome. Pet fans first take you to understand the reason for the golden retriever's hair. n [Reason for hair loss]
    ① Seasonal hair loss: Pay attention to the cleaning and care of the hair in the daily feeding of golden retriever. Most dogs have the phenomenon of removing hair in spring and autumn. For example, shepherd dogs, chopsticks, Beijing dogs, etc., the amount of hair needed in summer does not need to be so much, so when the weather recovers, take off some old hair to regulate the body temperature. In the winter, the thick hair will be removed and the fluff is replaced to the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. As long as you combine the dogs every day and clean up the dander every day, you can prevent the fur of the house.
    ② If the dog suffers from diseases such as folliculitis or eczema, or a large number of dog lice and fleas, it will cause a lot of hair removal. Dogs will grab fur with claws and teeth because of itching, and they will also get rid of a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find the reason first, and consult the doctor or experienced people.
    ③ hair loss caused by human reasons: Many families use adult soaps or shampoo and even use washing powder and detergents to bathe the dogs. Because the skin of the dog tends to be medium, and the adult's washing supplies are highly alkaline than the dog's skin, causing the dog's skin to dry and itching, so that mites, bacteria, and fungi have the opportunity to form skin diseases. Essence In addition, the bath is very destructive to the normal protective substances of the skin secretion. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs should use dogs' special washing supplies. The number of baths should not be too diligent and should be controlled reasonably.
    ④ lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
    It, the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature will also affect the growth of dog hair. If the puppy is not exposed to the sun for a long time, it will be raised indoors for many years, which will also cause a slight hair removal throughout the year. There are also some breeds of dogs, such as spots, although they are short -haired varieties, but at any time to stroke it by hand, as long as they are slightly hard, they will be stained with one -handed hair. This is unavoidable. Psychological preparation.
    [5 methods to deal with hairs]
    1. Develop the habit of combing hair to golden retriever. Twice a day, use a special comb.
    2. If pets like to wear clothes to avoid hair loss.
    3. Select the correct bath solution. Good bath solution may protect the fur of the golden hair dogs, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases.
    4. Try not to wear dark clothes.
    5. Special wool brush in the home.
    The summer golden retriever breeding problem 2 Summer Golden Retriever's bathing:
    The summer is here, and the number of baths for golden retriever is naturally more than before. I will introduce some of the tips when taking a bath for the Golden Retriever, I hope to help you make it easier for this incident
    . First of all, how long does it take to take a bath? And different, the hot summer is the peak stage of the endocrine of the golden retriever dog, with a large amount of exercise, and there are many opportunities to be infected by bacteria. In addition, bathing can reduce body temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash it once a day in summer. In winter or autumn, the temperature is low. If you move a little, your pet dog is easy to cool, so once a week. Generally speaking, the amount of exercise is large.
    2. The second question is appropriate when bathing in golden wool:
    If winter, it is recommended to be close to the body temperature, that is, about 35 to 38 degrees Celsius, the golden retriever will feel the most comfortable, If the water is hot, it will cause the skin and blood vessels to expand violently, which will affect the blood supply to the brain. For female dogs with deep pregnancy, if the water temperature is too high, the child in the abdomen will be severely hypoxic and the consequences will be very serious. Take a walk back, don't soak the pet dog in cold water at once, otherwise the sweat pores will be closed quickly, and the heat poison in the body will be difficult to eliminate. In the long run, golden retriever is prone to diseases such as arthritis. Water temperature is best to remain above 15 degrees Celsius.
    The questions above, do you find the answer? If you find the answer, please see how to take a bath below. The Beijing Bar, Panago and the like, it is best not to use water to directly rush to its face, because the nasal cavity of these golden retrievers is short, and the golden retriever does not know the breath, it is easy to make the water enter the nose and make it very uncomfortable. You can scrub the face with a wet towel soaked in water. For golden retriever with a long face, washing your face is not easy. Even if the golden retriever is well -waped, it will be confused about washing their faces. The key when washing them was to fix its face by hand, and do not let it hide. You can grab the mouth of the picture according to the appearance of the attached picture, and make a little force to make it feel that you are more powerful than it, and then use the other hand to hold the side of the sprinkler's face to let the water from the golden retriever from the golden retriever from the golden retriever The dog's eyes and nose flow down, so that the eyes will not be wet and will not let the water enter the nose. Then change it to the other side.
    4. Other bathing precautions:
    Callow dogs love to throw water when taking a bath. This is also the only way they shake the water on them, but this way is really better than us for a long time. Save. So don't stop it shake the water, especially when washing, let it shake the water on your body as much as possible, don't care about it anymore. Sometimes my golden retriever is washed after I washed it, because the water on my eyes and nose was cleaned and I kept shaking the water. I also deliberately rushed to its face, prompting it to shake it well? Essence Because it can really shake a lot of water, it has saved us a lot of effort to dry it and blow off. So as a bath for it, you must wear clothes that you have to throw into the washing machine immediately, because a considerable part of the water it shakes off is running on you. Soft -bottom brushing, brushing golden retriever can improve the permeability of fur, which is conducive to cooling and exhaust heat.

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